Friday 25 May 2007

Blood Will Tell #2 review

Well it's a slow news week, and I really enjoyed the most recent comic from IDW, so here's a little review:

Blood Will Tell #2, titled "Beneath the Skin" according to the previous issue but again not actually given a title in the comic, was brilliant!

It was more difficult to fill the gaps with the first issue, set around "Errand of Mercy" as there weren't so many to fill, but this issue had a lot of room to play with, set around "The Trouble with Tribbles", and did good.

A bit of a sad story for Gralmek the Klingon, and the poor unfortunate Arne Darvin who's place he took. It really goes to show Klingons are no Vulcans when they have all those human looking Klingons about but decide to sand away ridges of a Klingon who has them to make him look human, poor fella. Made for cool, if gruesome, imagery and a good back-story though. I think this comic really built very well on the episode, and Trek in general featuring the Lexington, discommendation and sneaking Sisko in from "Trials and Tribble-ations". All round very cool.

I think Blood Will Tell is a really excellent series I can’t wait for the rest. Unlike the TNG series The Space Between, Blood Will Tell doesn’t suffer issue after issue of bizarre plot holes and is all joined up nicely with both the overall framing story arc set around "The Undiscovered Country" and TOS TV era story arc joining the Klingon episodes together very cleverly. Not that I don’t like one off stories, I’m really looking forward to the Alien Spotlight series later this year, the Gorn issue will be written by Scott and David Tipton who write Blood Will Tell and if they do as good a job with the Gorn as they do Klingons it will be glorious.

I like the art for The Space Between, I think they are really very beautiful, but they have also been criticised by others for being too stylised. It is interesting to note how despite being equally if not even more stylised I think Blood Will Tell does a much better job of getting the character likenesses, and also has very attractive, if less pretty, look. The boldness suits both the Klingons and TOS.

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