Friday, 23 September 2016

Star Trek Encyclopedia preview pages

Due out next month is the newly revised and expanded edition of Mike and Denise Okuda's Star Trek Encyclopedia. Published by Harper Collins, the book now includes coverage of large swaths of Star Trek released since the previous edition was published in 1999, detailing everything from Voyager season 4-7, all of Enterprise, Nemesis, and the first two Kelvin timeline movies (alas Beyond was too recent a release).

To accommodate all this new content, the now 1056 page book is split into two hardcover volumes, and comes in a neat slipcase. have now released several preview pages from the book, demonstrating the comprehensive coverage of every generation of Star Trek rather pleasingly. Check them out after the jump:

Finally, here are all the covers, as shared on Twitter by Mike Okuda himself:


Mark Bernero said...

This is way too expensive for me. As a fan of the ships in ST, I already have better resources available -- the internet, the Haynes guide to the Enterprises, books written by the Okudas on the ENT-D, and of course the Eaglemoss magazines. I also have the much less expensive 3rd edition of the encyclopedia.

Kevin Pearson said...

I agree that it is a little pricey, but having an updated encyclopedia is too much for me to pass up. I think the price would be more palatable around the $50.00 range. Anyway, I am looking forward to getting my copy.

Gaaron Gilham said...

You get two massive volumes that I assume will have the same production values and quality as the original. $50 a piece is not an unreasonable price for ONE of these books. $88 for two volumes plus a slipcover is not an unfair price in my opinion.

Alice Taylor said...

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Anthony Clements said...

I'll get this, but not on release day, this is a book I need a discount for lol.

Honeylard said...

I just got my copy delivered. To put it simply: It’s awesome!
Although I already have the original edition in German (1995) and the third edition from 1999 I got to get the new one as well. :)

I only have skipped through it yet but stumbled upon an error: The Academy Trainer has still the wrong picture, the starfleet fighter with academy markings – I suspect the Okudas kept it for nostalgic reasons. :D

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