Monday 17 August 2020

Lower Decks round-up: Temporal Edict previews, behind the scenes, merch and more!

Got all the latest Lower Deck's bit and pieces here, including previews of the third episode, Temporal Edict, the latest clips, stills, and graphics, behind the scenes bits and bobs, and new merch, including the new weekly T-shirt design. Continue below to check it all out!

First up, a general season trailer, and a pretty funny one too, focused on Mariner (which is also on Instagram if you're geolocked out of the YouTube version):

Then we've got the episode specific trailer (up on YouTube thanks to Nacíon Trek, and also on

And you can also find a clip from the episode at about 3:38 in this video, which is otherwise a New York Comic Con virtual panel on the series, featuring creator Mike McMahan, supervising director Barry Kelly, writer M. Willis, and character designer Marisa Livingston. They discuss the series at length, including mentions that future episode will feature a holodeck villain, and a trial episode too.

In addition to video previews, CBS have released loads of preview stills from the episode too:

And there's a bunch of new images from the previous episode, Envoy, as well:

There's also some new behind the scenes bits and bobs. Character designer Zan Czyzewski shared this look at the design for General Ko'rin:

CBS channels have also released a couple of animatics videos from the first two episodes (also on other platforms if you prefer: Episode 2 YouTube or Twitter. Episode 1 YouTube or Twitter):

It seems Mike McMahan is also going to be bringing us weekly Easter Egg reveal videos. These don't go super in depth though, so you really just want to follow Jörg Hillebrand on twitter, who will spot and detail every little detail before you've even had to chance to go, "cool, Andorians".

Members of the production have also been continuing to share cool Lower Decks artwork. This fun piece is from storyboard artist William Rowe:

And this is by character designer and animator Robby Cook, as a birthday gift for storyboard artist Will Heff, pictured, alienified, with production coordinator VyVy Tran:

More official channels have also been having fun, CBS reframed a moment from the first episode as a celebratory selfie by Tendi:

Going back to the first episode, a couple of clips have now been released:

Or better yet, the entire first episode is currently up on YouTube, for those of us not geolocked out of it at least:

Finally, merch updates. Titmouse Stuff's Star Trek Lower Decks Shirt Collective is into it's second week, and the shirt for Envoys is a sort of tourist souvenir style design for Tulgana IV. This is only available to order for one week.

And over on the Star Trek Shop they've got very excited about the USS Cerritos' bar logo, and released various different drinking vessels sporting it, plus a T-shirt for any aspiring Starfleet bar-staff:

Lower Decks is available on CBS All Access in the USA, and Bell Media channels in Canada. The rest of the world is still awaiting news on if or when we get to see it.

To keep track of all the latest Lower Decks news, have a look back through my Lower Decks tag for previews, behind the scenes, tie-in fiction, and other merchandise updates.

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