Tuesday 18 August 2020

Fansets launch more full size prop pins, plus all the latest character pins from across the Trekverse

Collectable pin makers Fansets have been busy as ever lately with lots of pins based on Picard, and the promise of lots of Lower Decks pins coming first. They've also got a healthy sprinkling of designs spanning almost every corner of the Trekverse too. Continue below to check out all the latest.

Fansets' newest thing is branching out into full size prop pins, which are strictly collectable pins and definitely not prop replicas (as they make a point of pointing out quite a lot, I dare say for licensing agreement purposes!).

Their newest release is one that should please 24th century fans, a full size reproduction of the Voyager combadge, also seen in DS9, TNG movies, and Picard flashbacks. This has a nice matte finish, just like the original prop, and a double pin-back to make it extra secure - But remember folks, this isn't a prop replica, no sirree. I mean, who would ever think of wearing this pin-on-able thing that looks like a prop often worn on a costume? What a weird idea that would be...

This new full size prop collection also includes, as of last month, the Discovery Starfleet insignia badge - Command version, without any rank markings. They've also mentioned on Twitter than a Section 31 Disco badge should be along some time this month too.

Another tweet revealed they have plans to make mini versions of all the insignia they release at full size, as they did with the earlier Picard Starfleet insignia. A mini Voyager badge should be coming in November or December.

Another series now well underway is the Women of Trek pin collection. The latest characters to join that series are T'Pol, released at the start of the month; Seven of Nine and Jazia Dax, both released last month; and Nyota Uhura, whose been out since June. All of the pins in this series feature a glittery element, as well as an image of the featured character, and related insignia.

UPDATE: The T'Pol pin has been withdrawn from sale since I posted this article, as it was spotted the Enterprise mission patch is in fact a fan made variant featuring a different version of the ship! Oops. As soon as the original artist pointed out FanSets had mistakenly used their artwork FanSets were quick to pull the pin, and will be doing a redesign.

FanSets most substantial Trek offering is the MicroCrew series, and the latest releases have really been living up to their promise to explore every corner of the Trekverse. This month brought us Major Hayes from Enterprise, and Kes from Voyager, and they were preceded in July by a Wesley Crusher, who seems to have been scaled down to reflect his early TNG youth!

The most active series in the MicroCrew range lately is Picard, and the newest characters from that series to be released are last month's Dajh and Narek, following on from the initial Picard wave in June, featuring Elnor and Seven of Nine:

FanSets have also teased a couple of new designs, tweeting the first look at the artwork for Hugh and Raffi - And Rios too, but they've shown his artwork before!

Other tweets have revealed more forthcoming characters. General Chang is apparently coming in October. And here's a first look at Bryce:

July's releases also saw the EpisodePin collection for Discovery season 2 finished off, with a pin each for the season finale Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 1 and Part 2:

Finally, FanSets' latest blog has detailed what they have in the works for Lower Decks. Coming soon with be pins featuring the crew, the USS Cerritos, the Cerritos bar logo, and the Lower Decks style delta. No previous of any of them just yet though.

For a look back at previous FanSets releases, check my FanSets tag.

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