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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Discovery: Saints of Imperfection previews

This week's fifth episode of Discovery season two is Saints of Imperfection, and as ever CBS have released a trailer and images for what looks to be a big spore drive unspooling episode.

Here's the trailer, via Instagram (or for slightly higher res):

CBS's preview images for the episode are particularly spoilery this week regarding who's in the episode, so if you'd rather not know, look no further (the most spoilery image is a few down):

Most of the images focus on the what-ever mycelial reality this episode takes place in:

Yup, that would seem to Doctor Culber making his return from the dead! We also have our second visit from Section 31 agent Georgiou this season:

Meanwhile looking back to last week's episode. CBS have released a few more images, focusing on the scenes in Saru's quarters:

As well as clip from the show focusing on Reno, via IGN:

And on a related note, here's the latest episode of The Ready Room, which this episode had Anthony Rapp as guest:

For an overview of the Discovery so far, including behind the scenes coverage, and details of tie-in products, visit my Star Trek: Discovery guide page. Or for details of each episode, including links to previews and reviews, see my episode list.

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