Saturday 3 November 2018

New Zealand Mint bring us silver Spock, Wrath of Khan and TNG poster coin-notes

The New Zealand Mint have been busy of late, producing several new items in their various collections of Star Trek coins and silver-stuff. Continue below to check out some of the latest TNG and movie inspired releases.

But first, here is the recently revealed third in their series of TOS silver miniatures, Mr Spock (who follows the previous Captain Kirk and USS Enterprise releases):

Here's a nice little 360 video to show him off:

 Mr Spock was sculpted by Alejandro Pereira Ezcurra, and is a limited edition of 1000. The figurine is about 10cm tall, and made from 150g of pure silver.

Back in September New Zealand Mint released what appears to be the second in a series of silver foil movie posters, with this Wrath of Khan poster following the previous The Motion Picture release. The silver poster has colour print and engraved sections, and measures  17.5 x 26.2cm, made from 35g of silver.

A more substantial collection has just been completed, the TNG poster series, feature a selection of Juan Ortiz' retro poster designs. Unlike the items above, these unusual format releases are also officially coins, or rather coin-notes. Each note has a face value of $1 in Niue, and the back features the head of Queen Elizabeth II, just like other Niue coins. Each are made from 5g of silver (pricing them rather higher than the face value), and measure 14.8 x 9.8cm, with colour print and engraved details. Each coin-note is an edition of 50,000.

The series began in August with the Encounter at Farpoint poster:

That first release in the series also comes with a collector's album to stow the rest of the series as they were released.

The rest of the series included one chosen episode from each of TNG's seven seasons. Season two's The Measure of the Man is the only release in the series to represent a non-two-parter, this came a little later in August:

September brought two waves of two releases, The Best of Both Worlds (part 1) for season three, and Redemption (part 1) for season four, followed later in the month by Unification (part 1) for season five, and Chain of Command (part 1) for season six:

The final release in the series is of course All Good Things... and that has just become available:


These releases follow a similar TOS character series which debuted the concept of coin-notes to Star Trek collectors.

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