Tuesday 27 November 2018

More Hallmark Christmas decorations this year

Surprise, Hallmark aren't done with Christmas this year it seems. In addition to their Keepsake ornaments released earlier in the year, they have also produced several other Star Trek decorations outside the Keepsake brand. Continue below to check them out.

First up there are two ceramic-style designs, both quite stylised. The first of which is a new ship! Shuttlecraft Galileo, which is a Walmart exclusive. The Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments blog and Garth Duran via the HeroCollector Star Trek Fan Group found all these photos of it:

The other piece in this style is a Spock figurine (image again via the Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments blog):

Another figurine also new this year is a resin Captain kirk, in the style of the old Quogs sub-brand. This pairs up with a different Spock figurine released last year (images via Walmart):

These join Hallmark's Keepsake range released earlier in the year, to make quite an extensive range of Star Trek Christmas decorations this year! For a look back through all the previous Hallmark Star Trek Keepsakes, see my Trek Collective List.

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