Tuesday 9 January 2018

Latest Star Trek comic covers from Discovery and Kelvin titles

IDW and their artists have revealed several new covers for forthcoming Star Trek Discovery and Kelvin timeline comics. continue below to check them out.

First up we have the reveal of the retail incentive covers for the second issue of Discovery: The Light of Kahless. One of those two is the latest in Declan Shalvey's ships series, which this time features the Klingon Sarcophagus ship. This cover is coloured by Jordie Bellaire.

IDW have also posted a process look at this cover, here is the uncoloured version, which is deliciously detailed, and you can see the penciled version on IDW's Tumblr.

A second retail incentive cover for this issue is by Aaron Harvey, featuring T'Kuvma.

There will be two further covers available for issue two. The previously revealed main cover features Voq, and is by Tony Shasteen. There will also be a photo B cover (not yet released)

This series is running rather behind, as this issue was originally solicited for November release, but it now expected towards the end of this month.

The second Discovery comic title so far announced is a Stamets focused annual, which is expected in March.

George Caltsoudas will be providing one of the covers for that book, and he recently shared an early draft for that cover on Twitter. As he explained this was drawn up "way back when we didn't know what it would be for and who would be in it.", and so while the circle motif persisted, it's quite a different selection of characters. The cool Da Vinci homage was sadly lost in development too!

Meanwhile over in the Kelvin timeline, Eoin Marron‏ is working on one of the covers for Boldly Go #18, the final issue in that series. He recently shared a rather gorgeous portion of that cover, depicting the new Enterprise-A under construction.

On his Instagram he has shared several other teases as he has been working on the cover, including these drafts, which give a nice idea of the overall look he's going for:

You can find reading lists for several Star Trek comic series on my Trek Collective Lists site. To keep track of all the latest Star Trek comic releases, hit the comics button on my 2018 schedule page.

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GeekFilter said...

"way back when we didn't know what it would be for and who would be in it.", That's EXACTLY what my cover was! It was drawn when we had one trailer, about 3 seconds of Klingon footage and we hadn't even had the materials from SDCC. I had to do a swap out of the Bat'leth right after SDCC and then it was off to the publisher! I hit the ornate style of the Klingons pretty well but the shapes may be a tad TOO organic! But overall I had fun with it! A little easter egg, the face at the bottom of the Klingon Crest (which probably is NOT a thing!) is designer Neville Page--or was at one point!

8of5 said...

Well done pulling that together given those limitations then!! It makes me think of a tattoo design, were you going for that sort of feel?

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