Wednesday 13 December 2017

New bridge set lamps from ThinkGeek

The creative souls over at ThinkGeek have had one of their odd moments of inspiration once more, and the result is two new lamps, both featuring miniature bridge sets at their base. You have the option of either the TOS or TNG bridge, and I feel the TNG set pulls of the concept best, with the swooping bar around the command well providing a neat edge to the diorama. Continue below to check out both:

The TOS version tries to deliver almost the full bridge, rather than just the central portion, which means there's a wall enclosing part of the scene.

Apparently both models are the right scale to sit Lego minifigures comfortably - Although if you want them on theme, you'll have to hope Mega Construx figures also fit. Both lamps are available now, from ThinkGeek.

Star Trek

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