Wednesday 13 December 2017

IDW's Star Trek comics for March

IDW have released details of the Star Trek titles in their March solicitations a little earlier than normal, via 13th Dimension. Among the titles are two new comics, including a newly announced Discovery comic, plus an omnibus book. Continue below for the details.

Star Trek Discovery Annual 2018
Written by Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson, with art by Angel Hernandez.
The U.S.S. Discovery is a ship unlike any the galaxy’s ever seen, developing tech based on an unstable mycelial network… and it is all in the hands of Science Officer Lt. Stamets, tasked with perfecting it to win the war against the Klingons.
In addition to the blurb, the solicitations also offer a couple of extra lines detailing what will be included in this bumper 48 page book:
Who is Stamets, and how did he, with his old partner, Straal, come to discover the mycelial network?
Plus: Learn how Lt. Stamets met his significant other, Medical Officer Hugh Culber, and came to know fan-favorite Cadet Sylvia Tilly!
The comic will be offered in at least two covers, with the A cover by Angel Hernandez, and B cover by George Caltsoudas:

Boldly Go #18: IDIC part 6
Written by Mike Johnson, with art by Josh Hood
“I.D.I.C.” Part 6 of 6! It’s the series finale of Star Trek: Boldly Go, and the climactic final chapter of the epic “I.D.I.C.” saga! James Tiberius Kirk faces the greatest challenge of his life… and the fate of infinite realities hangs in the balance!
Series finale!?! Well, we've been here before, Boldly Go of course replaced the first Kelvin timeline going series. Writer Mike Johnson has confirmed this is the case, but again there's more to come in Twitter:
Boldly Go is wrapping up but you have not seen the end of the Kelvin cast by a long shot. If I say anything more the NDA Ninjas will come for me.
Editor Sarah Gaydos also recently suggested a lot more in planning in a Facebook Live discussion:
Mike has basically been putting ideas together for all of 2018 and all of 2019. And I don't want to spoil them yet - But suffice to say, but IDIC is an important story line, and I'm excited for you guys to see what comes next.
Anyway, this issue will available in at least four covers, with the main two by Josh Hood and Eoin Marron (not yet revealed), plus a retail incentive photo-cover and one by Yoshi Yoshitani.

The New Adventures, Volume 5
Written by Mike Johnson, with art by Tony Shasteen.
Follow the adventures of the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise in the timeline based on the new movies, as they continue their five-year mission of discovery into unchartered space.
In “Deity,” an away team becomes exposed when a massive alien ship arrives in orbit. Then, Captain Kirk and the crew are about to encounter their strangest discovery yet… themselves, in the “Mirror, Mirror” storyline “Live Evil.” Plus, the ship faces off with a renegade faction of Orions intent on disrupting the truce between their species and the Federation in “Reunion.” In “Legacy of Spock” the elder Spock joins the last survivors of Vulcan to search the galaxy for a new home. And in “Connection,” the crew comes into contact with a ship that looks eerily familiar. Collects the final 13 issues, #48–60, of the first Star Trek ongoing series from IDW.
This is an advance solicitation for the April release of the final of the big omnibus editions of the first Kelvin timeline ongoing series, and features new cover art by Tony Shasteen.

You can find reading lists for several Star Trek comic series on my Trek Collective Lists site. To keep track of all the latest Star Trek comic releases, hit the comics button on my 2018 schedule page.

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