Sunday 13 July 2014

New ships: QMx Enterprise, Starships Collection Prometheus, and latest Attack Wing

Some new ships to look at! First up, have announced a new release on the way from QMx, the USS Enterprise refit desktop replica. This metal model of the shop will be 8.5 inches long, and about 4 inches tall. There's no information on when it will be available yet:

A ship that is already in the hands of UK subscribers, and will be more widely available in a couple of weeks (in the UK, with the rest of the world to follow), is the USS Prometheus, issue twenty-five of The Official Starships Collection. The Collection's Facebook page posted this new image of the model:

And finally, Wizkids have solicited (pdf link) another release in their Attack Wing miniatures game. Due out next February will be three more ships: The Kazon Ogla's Razik, the Romulan warbird IRW Haakona, and a Tholian ship.

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