Thursday 3 July 2014

Icon Heroes TOS titles bookends

Icon Heroes have announced a Comic Con exclusive addition to their new range of Star Trek office products. Available in a limited edition of 150 later this month at the San Diego Comic Con, will be a yellow variant of their Star Trek title bookends, inspired by the opening titles of The Original Series

This is variant release of the regular version of the same bookends, which has the text in white. Those are coming later in the year, expected in October. Continue after the break for a reminder of the rest of the Icon Heroes range, the first releases of which are starting to show up right now.

Available right now is the Klingon d'k tahg letter opener. Icon Heroes recently released new images of this showing the packaging:

Also already starting to show up is the Live Long and Prosper business card holder. This will be available in both realistic and bronze finishes. The latter is already available from Entertainment Earth, while the flesh tone version is expected later in the month from Amazon.

And finally for now, there will be a three-pack of TOS uniform inspired sticky notes. These are expected in December, and so far only concept art has been released:

The Icon Heroes Star Trek range is available to order (or pre-order) on and  Entertainment Earth.

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