Thursday 6 March 2014

Mondo's new TOS episode posters

It's been a year and a half since Mondo last produced a Star Trek poster, but it will be worth the wait, as they're returning with two cracking new designs today. Both new designs are TOS episode posters. There's Arena, by Matt Taylor, which focuses on the Kirk/Gorn fight. The 20" x 36" print will be available in an edition of 175.

What Are Little Girls Made Of? meanwhile gives a whirlwind tour of the entire episode, in landscape format. The 24" x 18" print by Kevin Dart will also be available in an edition of 175, or a more limited Thai variant, of 85 prints.

Both posters will be available at a random time on Thursday 6th March. They normally sell out within a few minutes, so if you want either of them you'll need to watch Mondo's Twitter like a hawk for the on-sale announcement. You can see some closer details of both designs on Mondo's blog.

For a look at Mondo's previous Star Trek designs, check out my Mondo label.

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