Saturday 15 March 2014

Latest Star Trek comic previews

A few teases for you from forthcoming Star Trek comics. IDW editor Chris Ryall posted a couple of panels of J.K. Woodward's painted interior artwork from the first issue of the recently announced comic book adaptation of Harlan Ellison's original screenplay for The City on the Edge of Forever.

In a completely different area of comic book art, John Byrne has posted a couple of samples from his forthcoming New Visions photocomics on his forums. These two samples show both extremes of Byrne's manipulating of stills from the show, with a new special effects shot, and a page which is almost entirely constructed from unaltered screencaps:

Amazon have recently added samples page for both of the throw-back omnibuses coming next month. That includes the start of a new series of reprints of the Gold Key Comics. Most of the Star Trek Gold Key Comics have already been collected in omnibus books thanks to Checker's The Key Collection about a decade ago. IDW have claimed the new Gold Key Archives are "fully remastered", and thanks to Amazon we can get a look at those cleaned up pages, which are a pretty huge improvement on the previous books:

The other book coming in April is The Star Date Collection Volume 2: Under the Command of Christopher Pike, and the look inside feature for this book includes the contents page, revealing which issues, and extra content, are to be included. The book continues from the first in the series, released last year, which includes the start of the Early Voyages series, and other Pike-era stories.

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Janice Rand's hair is STILL not corrected - she looks like she's wearing a red beanie.

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