Tuesday 4 March 2014

Latest from DST: Phasers, figures, and ships

Diamond Select Toys have recently revealed some new Star Trek toys, and hinted at more to come. At the recent Toy Fair they displayed their latest prop, the Search For Spock phaser, which will be out later this year. Image via Toy Chest News' coverage of DST's display:

DST also announced two other products, but didn't have them on display: The next Star Trek Select figure will be a companion for Captain Picard, a bat'leth wielding Worf. They did have some artwork on display for this, which Man of Action Figures got a photo of (and I have straightened up).

Also announced was a second Star Trek bust bank: Captain Kirk will be joining the already available Mr Spock (who was on display himself).

Beside the phaser and Spock, also representing Star Trek was DST's newest starship, the USS Excelsior, which should be out any day now, and the USS Enterprise-A, which is being revamped for re-issue soon.

DST have also revealed, in their latest Star Trek Q&A, that they are working on two new ships for release this year. They're keeping the identities of those ships under-wraps for now, but have ruled out Voyager, Enterprise-C, and Borg ships for the time being.


Unknown said...

Another Enterprise-A ??? They are beating that like a dead horse. I purchased their first one around 10 years ago. It's a great replica but they could do so much better in terms of variety. I heard the Enterprise-B (the latest one before this Excelsior) had "USS Excelsior" decals on the side.. again disappointing.

Fox said...

If the Voyager is ruled out, then we can probably rule out the Defiant, too. AA has stated they'll only do the "hero" ships, and after Excelsior, the only hero ships they have left are Voyager and Defiant.

So the two unannounced ships are probably going to be slightly-modified re-issues, or something stupid, like the Galileo shuttlecraft and a runabout.

8of5 said...

Brandon, I think the fact you and I got the A a decade ago is exactly why they are doing a reissue - It's been out of stock for years now!

Fox, they seem pretty adamant they are doing wholly new ships. I reckon they'll do a Reliant, released alone side reissues of the Enterprise refit, Enterprise refit battle damaged etc. Wrath of Khan seems a consistent success for tie-ins, while they are much less confident taking stuff from DS9 and Voyager. There's loads of variant options for the Miranda class too, letting them milk the mold as much as possible.

Unknown said...

Wish they'd do a USS Grissom. Love that class of starship.

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