Tuesday 10 September 2013

More gloriously colouful TAS posters

StarTrek.com have supplied more details about the new TAS poster series, which I first posted about a few days ago. Juan Ortiz has been revealed as the artist, and like his current TOS series, the posters will be released in batches of four (although there's still no indication when this will start). Ortiz commented on the different direction he has taken with this series:
I wanted to move away from the TOS prints a bit. I knew that I wanted more color in these and not necessarily have them be retro-looking. I call it my Star Trek into Brightness set. I just felt it was natural to go in that direction. Maybe someday I'll attempt the motion picture series and complete the bridge.
StarTrek.com have so far previewed the first two quartets. Here are the four designs from the second set:

Continue after the jump to see the rest of the first set designs:

Ortiz commented on the Yesteryear design in his StarTrek.com interview:
“Yesteryear” is a classic episode. I wanted something with emotion on this one. Originally, I just had Spock in a very stoic pose, but the image of young Spock and his pet sehlat makes more sense. The overlapping circles represent the passing of time as we focus on one particular moment.

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