Saturday 7 September 2013

Bluray bits: Unification trailer, and Into Darkness exclusive packaging

A couple of bluray bits: CBS have released a trailer for the forthcoming stand-alone bluray release of the TNG two-parter, Unification:

Paramount meanwhile have produced few promotional covers of the Star Trek Into Darkness bluray. The most extraordinary version they have come up with comes with a Starfleet delta shaped bit of meteorite rock! Total Film are offering that in a competition, here's how they describe this most unusual edition:
Paramount have created the ultimate opportunity for one very lucky Star Trek fan and space enthusiast; a one-off Blu-ray off STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS with Special Edition Packaging featuring an authentic 497-year- old meteorite. The space rock from the Nantan meteorite shower, which was witnessed falling in Guangxi-Zhuang province in China 1516 A.D., has been hand carved into the shape of the internationally recognisable Star Fleet symbol and will feature prominently on the exceptionally exclusive Blu-ray Special Packaging which includes the meteorite’s certificate of authenticity.

The Shortlist Magazine Twitter offered another exclusive cover, featuring the Khan character poster. This was given away in a retweeting competition. They had twenty-five on offer, but the cover seems to show an edition of one-hundred, so presumably there are more of these going somewhere.

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