Sunday 15 September 2013

IDW's December comics

Comics Continuum have posted IDW's December solicitations, which include three new Star Trek comics, and an omnibus:

Star Trek (ongoing) #28
Written by Mike Johnson, with art by Erfan Fajar, cover by Fajar and a photo-cover.
The climactic chapter of the Klingon-Romulan War! Kirk and the Enterprise have one last chance to prevent galaxy-wide cataclysm... but at what cost to the crew? Star Trek Into Darkness writer/producer Roberto Orci oversees this all-new story set in the aftermath of the blockbuster film!

Khan #3
Written by Mike Johnson, with art by Claudia Balboni and David Messina, cover by Paul Shipper, and a photo-cover
The exclusive never-before-seen origin of STAR TREK's greatest villain continues here, in the official tie-in to the blockbuster hit STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS! The legendary Eugenics Wars lay waste to the planet as Khan fights to preserve his empire! An all-new epic overseen by STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci!

Star Trek Annual 2013: Strange New Worlds
Written by John Byrne, who also produced the photo-montage artwork and covers
A special extra-length, one-of-a-kind "fotonovel" sequel to a beloved classic! Years ago, James Kirk saved his ship, but the price was the life of his oldest friend in Starfleet -- or was it? The crew of the starship ENTERPRISE faces a staggering discovery in a brand-new "episode" of the original STAR TREK.

Star Trek Classics #5: Who Killed Captain Kirk?
Written by Peter David, with art by Tom Sutton and Gordon Purcell, cover by Jason Palmer.
Someone aboard the starship Enterprise has killed Captain Kirk-or so it seems. While the captain recovers, it falls to his crew to uncover the facts behind the case and learn whether one of their own is a cold-blooded killer. Add in the unwanted arrival of the Klingons and Kirk's nemesis from his academy days, Finnegan, to take charge of the investigation for an action packed adventure.

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