Monday 12 November 2012

Ward, coming out of the shadow

With the title of his latest book revealed (From History's Shadow), Dayton Ward has at last able to tell us what his next Trek book is all about. And that would be the latest TOS time travel adventure, with adventures in the twenty century following in the footsteps of Greg Cox's Khan books, and indeed one of Ward's own early Trek stories, The Aliens Are Coming! Here's how he describes it:’s an original series novel, set during Kirk’s fabled five-year mission. In fact, it begins a week or so following the events of the second season’s last episode, “Assignment: Earth.” The Enterprise is on its way to its next mission when it’s discovered that two unknown life forms have transported aboard the ship not just through space but also time. While one of the aliens is from a familiar race (no, he’s not carrying a cat), the other is all but unknown to Kirk and the gang, and the mystery only gets weirder when it’s learned that the unlikely visitors have traveled through time from Earth and the year 1968. But, the real ice breaker comes when this alien from an unknown race tells Kirk that he’s spent the last twenty-odd years on Earth trying to bring about humanity’s destruction.
Elsewhere and when, an Air Force captain named James Wainwright (introduced in the Deep Space Nine episode “Little Green Men”) is transferred in September 1947 to a base in Ohio from his previous posting in Roswell, New Mexico. There, he learns he’s now one of the first members of a secret organization, Majestic 12, with a two-fold mission: Seek out any and all evidence of extraterrestrial activity on Earth, and develop a strategy to combat aliens if they’re proven to pose a threat. It’s a task that will consume Wainwright’s life for the next twenty years, driven by the knowledge that the danger is real, and not just because of those pesky Ferengi and their invasion fleet that never did show up.

What does this have to do with Kirk and his crew? Well, that’s a mighty fine question.
In other book news, listings for David R.Gerogre III's DS9 anniversary novel has been updated, with it switching from Time and Revelation, to, Revelations and Dust.

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