Thursday 1 November 2012

Latest Ships of the Line previews

The 2013 Ships of the Line calendar has been available for a couple of months now, but if, like me, you don't tend to get a copy until the very end of the year, you might still enjoy a little peak at the images it holds. Fortunately the artists are often quite obliging in that regard.

Doug Drexler recently posted on his Facebook, a nice clear view of his DS9 image, which appears to reuse elements from his covers for both Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn:

Tobias Richter has also updated his website with his two images for the calendar: A TOS-movie era Enterprise shot, and a TNG shot, which uses his new models of the Enteprise-D and the Stargazer made for the TNG remastering project:


You can see other views of those new TNG models on The Light Works' website. And you can get a closer look at some of the other images in next year's calendar with some of previous coverage: Here, and here.

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