Sunday 10 May 2009

New UK Star Trek comic magazine

Starting from the Friday just past Titan Magazines have launched a new Star Trek magazine aimed at younger audiences, the Star Trek Comic will be a monthly publication reprinting Star Trek comics with a handful of additional pages of games and information.

The first issue reprints the first two issues of the Countdown miniseries, with the date of Spock's time on Romulus corrected, and a timeline note added at the start of the first issue explaining the setting (which is a nice touch). The whole book is somewhat larger than a typical comic so the reprints are up from the original 16.5 by 26 cm to 22.5 by 29.5, though on lower quality paper.

All in all this is a quite nicely presented reprint (and a cheap way to pick up Countdown at £2.99 for this issue), I'm curious to see what will come after they finish with Countdown.

They have a website with info and subscription offers, here.

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