Monday 9 February 2009

Star Trek Online updates

An article at IGN has released some new details on Star Trek Online. The game's premise is summised as follows:

"In the year 2409 the Khitomer Accord that preserved peace between the Federation and the Klingons has broken down and the two factions find themselves on the edge of an all-out war. Into the midst of this conflict, an age-old threat returns to the galaxy to become a third player in this drama. Though Cryptic isn't yet willing to publicly reveal who exactly this new threat is, we can definitely say that it's a force that fans of the series will surely recognize."

The article mostly details what we've already been told about the game; each player is a captain, with a customisable crew, ships can go on missions and battle in space as well as taking away teams down to planets. The article did offer some new information on the story structure of the game:

"...a lot of the content would be episodic and instanced. Rather than relying on collecting rat hides to drive player advancement, the team is hoping to structure the content much more like a traditional episode of Star Trek. Players will start in space, for instance, before beaming down to rescue scientists on a hostile planet, and then beaming aboard a nearby space lab to help put out fires and make some repairs before finally engaging in a climactic space battle."

"Players can expect all the iconic locations and themes from the franchise. Players will be able to visit well known planets, space stations and even meet the descendants of famous characters from the series' history. There will even be nods to particular episodes and plot points that hardcore fans will surely pick up on. In true Trek fashion, there will also be a fair bit of kitsch in the shows as well, from time travel missions to, yes, even tribbles."

The article also came with three new images:

And cryptic has also released a video showing off the character customisation in the game (Memory Beta nightmare!):

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