Monday 16 February 2009

Bluray news and The Digital Bits have co-reported to confirm and expand on details of previously rumoured forthcoming bluray and DVD releases.

Starting with the first season in April and the last two later in the year, the entire run of The Original Series will be released on bluray, with seamless branching to give the option of watching with or without the new remastered effects, and the ability to choose between 7.1 sound or the original mono. Special features are largely the same as the previous HD-DVD release of the set.
On top of that all the films will be released, starting with a box set of the TOS films, and a smaller set containing just the genesis trilogy (bluray and DVD rleases for the latter). These will be the original theatrical releases and feature a variety of new HD extras in addition to existing SD content.Later in the year the TNG films will be released separately in their own set. Additionally there is a possibility of a set of all ten, or by then, all eleven films. Finally in region 2 there might also be DVD box sets featuring the "best of" TOS and TNG.

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Unknown said...

Sooo sweet! Looking forward to watching them on Blu-ray!

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