Saturday 28 February 2009

Star Trek Online: 2385

Cryptic Studios have released the latest entry in their Path to 2409 timeline, which seems to have taken the opportunity to work in recent developments in the Countdown miniseries. In brief:

In part of a Starfleet reassessment of resources the Enterprise is reassigned to exploration missions and undergoes an extensive refit. At the bequest of the federation President Captain Picard resigns from Starfleet to take up an ambassadorial position on Vulcan. Doctor crusher accepts command of the USS Pasteur. Geordi La Forge works with the Soong Foundation to unlock the "Data matrix" in B-4, allowing Data to be restored by asserting his persona over B-4's. Worf leaves Starfleet again to make use of his diplomatic skills once more on Qo'noS in light of the increasing tensions between the Klingon Empire and the Federation.

Elsewhere in Starfleet, much to the dismay of Annika Hansen, Starfleet Command decides to dismantle its Borg task force, believing the Borg threat to be minimal following the blow dealt to them by the USS Voyager on her way home.

In Romulan space years of near civil war are brought to an uneasy end with an agreement that folds the worlds of the recently founded Imperial Romulan State back into the Romulan Star Empire. Senator Chulan is chosen as the new Praetor but much of the power in the Empire sits with Donatra who maintains control of the military and extends a hand of friendship to the Remans, offering them full citizenship and representation in the senate. While both sides accept the new peace many Romulans continue to treat the Remans as second class citizens.

Read the entry in full, here.

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