Wednesday 24 December 2008

Star Trek Online: 2383

Cyrptic Studios have updated the Star Trek Online website with the next year of their timeline leading up to the setting of the game.

2383 see the state of Romulan space continue to crumble as the Star Empire and Imperial State persist in fighting among themselves. Next door relations between the Federation and Klingon Empire also suffer as both sides react badly to the consequences of the Klingons tacking control of Khitomer.

Meanwhile in the Cardassian Union the unearthing of new Hebitian findings spurs the Oralians into more public displays of their faith. Back in the Federation, members of the Soong Foundation begin work on producing new mobile holographic emitters while the Federation's lawyers continue to debate the rights of The Doctor to retain the use of his own.

Read the full history, here.

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