Saturday 13 December 2008

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Star Trek comics are alive!

After a slight lull in output from IDW, next March seems to be jumping back into Trek, as the solicitations for the month released by ComicNewsi reveal. The month sees the start of three new series! The long awaited second Alien Spotlight series, John Byrne's Crew, and a previously unannounced series called Mission's End! Plus the latest issue of Countdown, the final issue of The Last Generation (with an awesome cover!) and a new omnibus!

The Last Generation #5
Writer: Andrew Steven Harris, artist: Gordon Purcell, covers: J.K. Woodward and Nick Runge
The time-shattering conclusion! In an alternate history in which the Klingons have conquered Earth, Jean-Luc Picard and his Resistance travel back to the past in a daring, final gambit to restore the timeline and liberate Earth. But what awaits the rebellion may not be what it expected at all, and the fate of the Federation itself hangs in the balance.

Writer: Tim Jones & Mike Johnson, art and cover: David Messina
From J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman comes the exclusive comic
prequel to STAR TREK, the motion picture event of 2009! The Romulan villain Nero continues his vengeful crusade against the Federation. Don't miss any of the action as the clock ticks down to
the premiere of STAR TREK this summer!

Alien Spotlight: Tribbles
Writer: Stuart Moore, art and cover: Mike Hawthorne (and a photo-cover)
An offbeat one-shot featuring STAR TREK's most unlikely alien race! Welcome to Serjilla IV, an abandoned world completely overrun by Tribbles: friendly, trilling balls of fur that eat constantly and, in the words of Dr. Leonard McCoy, "reproduce at will." When a human freighter, boarded by hostile Klingons, crash-lands on Serjilla, the Tribbles' quiet but lonely existence is shattered. It's a simple situation, really—three desperate humans, a squadron of angry Klingons, and a billion hungry Tribbles. What could possibly go wrong?

Crew #1
Writer, artist and cover: John Byrne
Eight years before "The Cage,” the young woman who would become the Starship Enterprise's "most experienced officer" was a lowly cadet assigned to the shakedown cruise of an uncommissioned starship. But that supposedly pedestrian mission may prove the most dangerous of her life. John Byrne begins an all-new, six-part miniseries torn from the Federation’s beginnings!

Mission's End #1
Writer: Ty Templeton, artist: Steve Molnar, cover: Kevin Maguire
The most important "lost" tale of the Star Trek saga can now be told: The final mission of the original Starship Enterprise and her crew. What prompts Mr. Spock and Doctor McCoy to retire from Starfleet? What earns Kirk his promotion to Admiral? And what is the mystery of Archenar-IV that threatens to tear the Federation itself apart? All will be revealed in this five-issue miniseries, with appearances by fan-favorite characters, Gary Mitchell, Lee Kelso, and Dr. Piper in this special opening chapter. Fan-favorite artist Kevin Maguire provides this issue’s cover!

Archives #4: Best of DS9
Relive events and missions from the first four seasons of television’s Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in this collection of five full-length comics stories! Join up with the crew of DS9 as a mysterious toxic mold runs rampart on the station. Where did it come from? And that’s not all! Star Trek Archives, Vol. 4: DS9, Vol. 1 also includes the special 8-page preview “ashcan” story, “Hostage Situation.”

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