Saturday 6 December 2008

Star Trek Online: 2382

The Star Trek Online website has been updated with the next year in it's timeline building up to the setting of the game. The information continues to be a jumble of rearranged ideas from trek-lit and new original elements.

This year's events seem to center largely on the Romulans with tensions continuing to rise between the Star Empire and Imperial State. Tal'aura reluctantly accepts Federation after Donatra's control over key agricultural worlds stretches' the Star Empire's resources. Meanwhile Tal'aura reforms the Romulan political system to give her direct control over the make-up of the senate, irritating traditional Romulan noble families who loose some of their previous status.

The Romulan situation also spurs Spock and the unificationists to take the opportunity to assert their power and push for representation in the new senate and recognition and support of the movement by the Federation. While at the edges of Romulan space the Klingons take advantage of the weakened state and reclaim a number of disputed worlds, including Khitomer.

In the Federation Admiral Owen Paris of Starfleet R&D orders the doctor's mobile emitter be taken for study, a decision which is contested by the doctor.

And in the vicinity of Bajor tensions rise when several hundred Cardassians Bajor hoped to pursue for war crimes vanish, prompting Bajor to accuse Cardassian of putting them into hiding.

Finally, Ro Laren completes her time in Federation custody and returns to Bajor where she assumes the role of chief of security on DS9.

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