Tuesday 28 October 2008

Who is Sonek Pran?

On the TrekBBS Keith R.A. DeCandido has revealed a little detail on his new character for the Destiny follow-up novel A Singular Destiny - in the form of a short excerpt, in which Captain Dax first meets Sonek Pran:

Seconds later, a sparkle of lights coalesced into a humanoid form. A large canvas bag was slung over his left shoulder. He had a drooping white mustache and long white hair, framing a round, pleasant face. He wore simple civilian clothing: a purple shirt, black vest, black pants, brown boots. The rather unruly head of hair was yoked back into a ponytail, revealing tapered ears that suggested Vulcanoid ancestry. He also had the rhinal ridges of a Bajoran, albeit fainter than usual, and the black eyes of a Betazoid. That's gotta be an entertaining family tree, Dax thought as she stepped forward

"Professor Pran, I presume?"

The grin he let loose with was completely human. In all three hundred and sixty-three years of life in nine hosts, the Dax symbiont had never encountered a species that grinned quite the way humans did.

Go forth and have a chit-chat about the fellow, here.


Unknown said...

I haven't read any of the released Destiny novels until the whole trilogy is out. I'd like to be able to read them all in one fell swoop!

8of5 said...

The second one hasn't made it to this side of the pond yet, the wait is a killer, but I don’t have the patience to choose to wait once I can get it :P

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