Thursday 16 October 2008

Pictures from the new movie!

So... it has begun, Paramount have started releasing images from the new movie, and they look cool! Each image has been released to a different site (linked below) which provide some details on the images:

First, most of the new crew, looking good. From the UGO movie blog.

And not to forget Spock-lar. From Ain't it Cool News.

The gang on the new bridge. Seems a bit Galaxy Questish... From the MTV movie blog.

Nero, the naughty Romulan. From JoBlo.

The USS Kelvin, complete with little weapons turrets. From TrekMovie.

And Kirk with some ice. From IGN.

UPDATE: Images keep coming. See some galleries here, and here. And here are a couple of highlights, the full USS Kelvin:

And Mr. Spock: is the place to go for all the news on the new movie. And they say a trailer is on the way next month.


Unknown said...

I'm excited about the movie. One thing concerns me...the bridge photo. Threw me off a little bit. I understand modernizing a little but the whole desk thing is a little out of place on a starship bridge.

8of5 said...

Throws me off because it looks like it's made by Apple *spit*

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