Sunday 5 October 2008

DST Enterprise-D details

In a recent post on the Art Asylum blog details of DST's forthcoming Enterprise-D model have been revealed:

"The Saucer section will be able to separate and once separated an exclusive phrase and sound will activate. This sound will also occur when the Saucer is back together with aft section of the enterprise. This will be represented in the video attached as a black rectangle that is removed and then put back on the circuit board. Further, the impulse engine lights will activate and much like the show, both ship portions will have their own power source to light up. The Saucer section will continue to playback phrases while the aft section will just light up.

Both sections when separated will have their own display stands. These display stands nest into each other for storage and the saucer section will come with an extra panel for mounting on the stand.

Lights include the Bridge Dome, Saucer Section Impulse Engines, Secondary Hull Impulse Engines, Deflector Array and Warp Engines. Similar to the show only the blue parts of the engine nacelle will blink while the red part remains steady."

The post also came with this video showing the demo board for the model's electronics:

See the full original post, here.


Ousizch said...
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Unknown said...

When is this supposed to come out?

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