Tuesday 20 March 2007

Star Trek Year 4 artwork

Comics Continuum has released art work for IDWs second TOS miniseries "Star Trek: Year Four", set in the forth year of the Kirk's first five year command of the Enterprise after the TV series finnished.

The six part series will be written by David Tischman, with artwork by Kelsey Shannon, Steve Conley and Leonard O'Grady and covers by Joe Corroney.

The article also included a cover by Kelsey Shannon released a few weeks ago. Since then IDW editor Dan Taylor has said this isn't actually assigned to any issue as yet.

The first issue of Star Trek: Year Four will be out in July, just overlapping with IDWs second series, and first TOS comics "Klingons: Blood Will Tell". Yet more TOS comics will be following in November with Alien Spotlight, a six part series of one off stories focusing on different aliens in the TOS or TNG setting.

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