Tuesday 20 March 2007

Picard figure with chair!

Diamond Select Toys have annouced a new Jean-Luc Picard varient to be released later this year to celebrate TNG's 20th anniversary. This version will depict Picard in his early TNG uniform and comes complete with the captain's chair.

This release follows last year's TOS 40th anniversary figures which included both Kirk and Pike figures with captain's chairs.

At a recent toy fair a season one (without beard) Riker figure was also on display, no word yet on when, or as with some of the proposed exclusive figures if, this figure will be released but it would be a nice companion piece to the new Picard. Photos can be seen here.

Since DST picked up the licence they have being producing figures in waves, two characters at a time with numerous variants, often exclusive to certain shops. The variants typically include a later TNG uniform, a First Contact uniform and an All Good Things future version. For Picard there was also a Locutus figure.

The introduction of season one figures later on is something new, but might also be a good opportunity to get a Tasha Yar figure out, potentially as a two pack (another popular device of DST's) with the aforementioned Riker figure.

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