Monday, 16 October 2017

Review: Discovery #4 - The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry

The rather grandly named The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry leaves me once again curious about a lot of things to come in Discovery, but most of all, am I meant to like these characters or not? I say that not because I dislike any of them or the story being told, but because this series seems quite determined to make every character super ambiguous about whether they are are a nice person and how they are playing others (with the possible exception of so-far always excessively pleasant Cadet Tilly). Continue below for my thoughts on this and other aspects of the fourth episode.

Blurb for second Discovery novel, and other Dayton Ward updates

The blurb for the second Discovery novel, which we now also know will be titled Drastic Measures, has been released by Written by Dayton Ward, the book is due out in February, and as the blurb reveals, will focus on a key moment from Star Trek history: The Tarsus IV massacre.
It is 2246, ten years prior to the “Battle at the Binary Stars,” and an aggressive contagion is ravaging the food supplies of the remote Federation colony Tarsus IV and the eight thousand people who call it home. Distress signals have been sent, but any meaningful assistance is weeks away. Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Lorca and a small team assigned to a Starfleet monitoring outpost are caught up in the escalating crisis, and bear witness as the colony’s governor, Adrian Kodos, employs an unimaginable solution in order to prevent mass starvation.

While awaiting transfer to her next assignment, Commander Philippa Georgiou is tasked with leading to Tarsus IV a small, hastily assembled group of first responders. It’s hoped this advance party can help stabilize the situation until more aid arrives, but Georgiou and her team discover that they‘re too late—Governor Kodos has already implemented his heinous strategy for extending the colony’s besieged food stores and safeguarding the community’s long-term survival.

In the midst of their rescue mission, Georgiou and Lorca must now hunt for the architect of this horrific tragedy and the man whom history will one day brand “Kodos the Executioner”….

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Mirror Broken #4 preview

This week see the release of the fourth issue in the TNG mirror universe comic, Mirror Broken. Captain Picard's coup continues in the story written by Soctt and David Tipton, and illustrated by J.K. Woodward.

Woodward also provides a ship-tastic main cover for the book, while George Caltsoudas continues his character study B cover series, with Geordi La Forge for this issue. A third, retail incentive, cover comes from Jen Bartel. Continue below for a five page preview.

Boldly Go #12 preview

Out this week is the twelfth issue of the Kelvin timeline comic Boldly Go, the second part of a story featuring both Garth of Izar of TOS origin, and Eurydice, a character from previous nuTrek comics. The book is written, as ever, by Mike Johnson, with Megan Levens stepping in to illustrate this story.

This book is available in four covers, with the A cover, featuring an isolated Kirk, by George Caltsoudas. Tony Shasteen produced the B cover, coloured by J.D. Mettler, with Kirk again featured, this time with Sulu pointing a phaser at him. Meanwhile Scotty is the focus of two retail incentive cover, a photo cover, and a portrait by Cryssy Cheung.

Continue below for a five page preview.

New Visions: What Pain it is to Drown preview

Out this week is What Pain it is to Drown, the eighteenth issue of New Visions, John Byrne's TOS photo-comic series. The issues sees the Enterprise suffering from a sever case of rising damp! Unusually for New Visions, this book is available in two covers; the regular one featuring the submerged Enterprise, and a convention exclusive cover featuring the shadow of Byrne himself on the bridge. Continue below for a five page preview.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

New Discovery starship concept art and prop photos have updated their "Database" section (a mini Star Trek encyclopedia), with a bunch of new entries about things from Star Trek: Discovery. Among the new lists are several of the ships seen so far in the series, and a number of props, with many featuring previously unseen concept art and photography. Continue below to check out the new images:

Five of the Federation starships that took part in the Battle of the Binary Stars have concept art on their listings, given us out best look yet at the new designs. As you can see below there are quite a variety of configurations, each sporting different nacelles, saucer designs, and so forth. The USS Yeager NCC-1437, the first seen here, stands out most to me, as it appears the bridge module is right at the front of the ship.

Comics bits: Discovery, Waypoint, and Mirror Broken updates

A few Star Trek comics updates today. First up, artist Tony Shasteen has posted a little tease of his upcoming work on the first Discovery comic, giving us our first look at the interior art from the book:

Discovery episode 5 trailer, and episode 4 stills and videos

The trailer for the fifth episode of Discovery, Choose Your Pain, is in the wild - Check it out below, along with a collection of stills and clips from this week's newly released episode, and other updates about the series.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Review: Discovery #3 - Context is for Kings

Discovery's third episode, Context is for Kings, finally introduces to the USS Discovery itself, and my main takeaway from meeting ship and crew is to wonder if this air of mystery will continue; I kind of hope so, as it certainly has me intrigued right now. Continue below for spoiler fills thoughts on the episode below:

Friday, 6 October 2017

New trailer and details for Star Trek Timelines Discovery event

Disruptor Beam have announced the details of the new Star Trek: Discovery "mega-event" Discovery: A New Anomaly, in Star Trek Timelines. The four-part adventures will run through October. They have released this snazzy new trailer, narrated by John de Lancie (Q), and featuring such pleasing images as the USS Discovery in spacedock, and among a fleet of the other Star Trek hero ships.