Friday, 29 July 2016

Super cute Pin Mates bridge playset

At the San Diego Comic Con the Entertainment Earth booth had plenty of Star Trek stuff on display, including one of the most charming and adorable Trek toys in an age: The delightful Pin Mates bridge playset. Designed for play and display with the tiny wooden peg renditions of the TOS crew recently released by Bif Bang Pow, the playset appears to come with three extra Pin Mates, which add Nurse Chapel to the crew, alongside a wrap-uniform variant of Captain Kirk, and Spock equipped with a painted on tricorder.

The Entire bridge has been recreated, with the front portion removable so you can look into the bridge from the front as well as above. In the Comic Con display the two sections were stacked on top of each other.

Mezco expands its Star Trek action figure range with tribbles, chairs, and more

At the recent San Diego Comic Con, Mezco announced some new Star Trek additions to their One:12 Collective range of highly detailed 1/12th scale action figures. Continue below for a look at the new figures, and the latest on the rest of the range.

The newly announced figures include a Trouble with Tribbles variant of Captain Kirk, in his wrap-style uniform, which of course comes with lots of tribbles!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Star Trek comics round-up: Green Lantern crossover continues, Captain Data, Gold Key, covers, and more

Lots of Star Trek comics news below, including the return of Captain Data, preview art and covers from several series, and IDW updates from the San Diego Comic Con.

First up, a new crossover series! Last year's really rather good Kelvin timeline/Green Lantern crossover series, The Spectrum War, ended quite surprisingly with the Green Lantern characters apparently having settled in the Star Trek universe. A sequel series due to start later this year promises to pick up where the previous tale left off:
Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise will once again cross paths with the Green Lantern Corps in a sequel to last year’s Star Trek/Green Lantern series. The creative team of Mike Johnson and Angel Hernandez will reteam for another epic space opera, this one picking up the new status quo where it left off and introducing additional cosmic heroes and villains familiar to fans of both series. 

Mega Bloks Star Trek displays and sets at Comic Con

Mattel's Mega Bloks put on a show at the San Diego Comic Con over the weekend, and while they don't appear to have displayed any of their excellent TOS ships and playsets, they did have a bit of Trek going on in their booth, which focused entirely on their Kubros range of stylised figures. Indeed a giant version of the Kubros Spock was one of their centrepieces:

Monday, 25 July 2016

QMx's USS Franklin, huge action figure range, and 50th anniversary goodies

Lots of news from QMx today, including their latest ship model, the USS Franklin, a huge range of action figures from TOS, TNG, and nuTrek, and all sorts of 50th anniversary memorabilia. Continue below to check it all out.

QMx have several different lines of starship models, ranging from the forthcoming smaller sized Mini Masters range, through to huge and highly detailed artisan replicas, and a few models in between. The latest addition to that offering, revealed with the display of a prototype at the San Diego Comic Con, is a replica of the USS Franklin. This appears to have much of the detailing and light features of the artisan replica range, but at a smaller scale than most of the ships released previously. (Images below via Toy Ark and Tomopop):

The untold stories from TOS production coming in The Roddenberry Vault bluray

While this weekend had a lot of big happenings for the present and future of Star Trek, it also brought huge news from the very beginnings. Announced at the San Diego Comic Con, was the forthcoming release of Star Trek: The Original Series - The Roddenberry Vault, a new bluray featuring documentaries built around a treasure prove of never before seen behinds the scenes footage from the production of The Original Series.

The project, nine years in the making (!), started when Gene Roddenberry's son Rod Roddenberry found a stash of film from the production of the series; clips taken from the cutting room floor, which include deleted scenes, bloopers, and all sorts of insights into the production of the series.

It took several years just to organise the random snippets of film, and matching it up with audio stored in other cans. Once ready, Star Trek experts Mike and Denise Okuda could scrutinise the findings, and now with film maker Roger Lay Jr. (who produced many of the excellent documentaries on the TNG and Enterprise blurays) have created new documentaries telling the story of Star Trek's production through this new footage.

CBS and Roddenberry Entertainment's press release details what will be on the discs:

Moebius Models to make Kelvin timeline model kits

At the San Diego Comic Con over the weekend, the Moebius Models booth included a display announcing they will releasing starship model kits of designs from the Kelvin timeline. Due to start in 2017, a poster on display promises the range will include the Star Trek Beyond version of the USS Enterprise, the USS Franklin, USS Kelvin, and Jellyfish. The display also had a fully built and finished original configuration Kelvin timeline USS Enterprise, and notes of plans for a lighting kit to accompany the release.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

New TV series is Star Trek: Discovery

At a panel at the San Diego Comic Con today the title and starring ship of the new Star Trek TV series was announced. Coming in 2017 will be Star Trek: Discovery, featuring the USS Discovery NCC-1031.

And one other huge thing revealed in a press conference after the panel, the series will be set in the prime timeline (as tweeted by Larry Nemecek).

Continue below to check out the teaser trailer introducing the ship (and stills there after), as well as other news from the series.

USS Franklin model coming as Star Trek Beyond home video bonus

Not wasting any time, the home video pre-orders are going live for Star Trek Beyond. As ever many retailers will have exclusive offers with different covers and extra goodies. And top of the line once more appears to be Amazon, who are offering a model of the USS Franklin (looks like a QMx job to me, same base as their forthcoming Mini Masters range).

Details are still early and I imagine the covers and details will change before release for most of what is below (such as that weird pentagram on the Franklin's base, or the blue nacelle caps), but so far listings suggest the US USS Franklin release will come with the 4K Ultra HD release of the film (which includes bluray and 3D bluray discs too), while the UK counterpart will come with the bluray. Current artwork for both uses the dominant poster in each market:

Friday, 22 July 2016

Star Trek Beyond review

I love all of Star Trek, including wholeheartedly both of the previous Kelvin timeline movies. Like every iteration of Star Trek ever they have their bumpy elements, but like all Star Trek before I am more than willing smooth over those cracks and enjoy the bright shiny vision of our future they show us. So I always approach new Trek with an open mind, looking forward to the things I can enjoy, the beautiful things, the thoughtful things, and the things I will hope too see more of in novels and comics to come. Well Star Trek Beyond has more of those things than is reasonable for a two hour film. I left the cinema grinning in sheer joy at what I had experienced.

I've split this review into five sections, covering the major things I took away from the film. The first two sections are pretty spoiler free (you'd get more from some of the trailers), the rest I spill a few beans, so proceed with caution from section three onwards.