Friday, 19 January 2018

Fanset's latest Discovery Episode Pins, and DS9 and Voyager character designs

FanSets have got up to speed with their Discovery Episode Pins, with the reveal of three new pins based on the most recent episodes. But that's not all, they've also released and previewed several new DS9 and Voyager pins. Continue below to check them all out:

The latest batch of Episode Pins, previewed by, start with Into the Forest I Go, which wasn't included in the first chapter block of releases due to the mid-season break being shifted an episode later. This busy design features Kol and Burnham, with the Discovery and the Sarcophagus ship doing battle behind them, and Captain Georgiou's insignia badge and a mak'leth in front of them!

New images from Discovery #12: Vaulting Ambition

Ahead of the release of the next episode of Discovery, episode twelve: Vaulting Ambition, CBS have released a batch of stills. A very golden collection of images, most of them feature Emperor Georgiou and here magnificent golden coat, sword, and remarkable heels! There's also plenty of Burnham, and Lorca, and a little Tilly, Saru, and Stamets too. Continue below to check them out.

We've also got the name of the Emperor's ship via a new blurb for the episode:
Burnham heads to the ISS Charon with a special 'gift' for the Emperor. With the help of an unexpected source, Stamets gains clarity while trapped inside the mycelial network. Saru asks for L'Rell's help.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Ship bits: DST Reliant, Eaglemoss concept Enterprise-C, and Moebius Franklin

I've got a few different starship models updates today, including new images of Eaglemoss' concept art Enterprise-C, and an update on Moebius Models' USS Franklin.

But first, something we've been waiting for a long time... We have our first look at Diamond Select Toys' next Starships Legends release, the USS Reliant.

The Reliant is the next ship in DST's range of models with lights and sounds, and was announced almost two years ago now. Since then we've not had so much as a tease, and we still don't know when it's actually coming! This image is a "resin prototype" (which doesn't fill one with hope at an imminent release!), and was revealed by the Facebook page of The Toys That Made Us, a new Netflix documentary series about toys, which has a Star Trek episode coming up later in the year.

Discovery 1x12: Vaulting Ambition preview

CBS have released a trailer for the next episode of Discovery, Vaulting Ambition, giving us a good look at a certain Emperor in action. Continue below to check it out in detail, plus all the latest stills and clips from the previous episode:

Monday, 15 January 2018

Voyager: Architects of Infinity cover, and other new Trek-novel covers

With a thin release schedule of Star Trek novels this year (due to a still pending license renewal), there aren't so many book cover reveals lately. So this should be exciting day! Simon and Schuster have now released the cover for the next book in Kirsten Beyer's Voyager relaunch series, Architects of Infinity. The cover features Voyager and a Vesta class ship (presumably the USS Vesta) both firing off phasers and torpedoes!

Friday, 12 January 2018

2019 Star Trek calendar range revealed

Universe Publishing have revealed their line-up of Star Trek calendars for 2019, which features six different designs, continuing every format they offered for this year. Continue below to check out what is on offer.

Now one should note off the bat, that these are very early listings, and the artwork for at least some of them will certainly change before their release later in the year.

That could not be more true than for the Ships of the Line calendar. The latest in the long-running series, this calendar will feature loads of brand-new starship artwork, in panoramic format - For now though the interior previews are re-using images from this year's edition to illustrate the style. The cover image currently in use, featuring a visit from the Enterprise-E to the new Deep Space 9, doesn't seem familiar to me though, but lacking a spacey background I suspect it is also a stand-in.

Discovery 1x11: The Wolf Inside previews

Ahead of the release of the next episode of Discovery, The Wolf Inside, CBS have released a trailer and a bunch of stills to tease of things to come. Continue below to check them out, plus extra images from the previous episode released since it's airing.

Let's start with the trailer, that has a lot of interesting stuff going on!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Round 2 Models: New Oberth class, Klingon BoP, and Defiant, plus recent reissues

Round 2 Models are keeping themselves busy in the Star Trek universe lately, with several new model kits on the way, and a run recent reissues. Continue below to catch up with all their latest kits.

Tantalisingly, in a recent blog post they mentioned they are "working on another brand-new kit. It will be big, and probably unexpected" which they expect to release in August. But they're not ready to tell us what it is just yet. They have however announced something smaller already.

On the way is what I believe is the first ever kit of the Oberth class USS Grissom. They are releasing it at 1:1000 scale, in a two-pack of snap-kits with a Klingon Bird of Prey, which is also a new kit.

They have posted photos of mock-ups of both models on their blog, here are a few of those images, but there are many more on the original post, where you can also read about tweaks they will be making to these before the final release.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Latest Star Trek comic covers from Discovery and Kelvin titles

IDW and their artists have revealed several new covers for forthcoming Star Trek Discovery and Kelvin timeline comics. continue below to check them out.

First up we have the reveal of the retail incentive covers for the second issue of Discovery: The Light of Kahless. One of those two is the latest in Declan Shalvey's ships series, which this time features the Klingon Sarcophagus ship. This cover is coloured by Jordie Bellaire.

First look at Eaglemoss' Phase II concept USS Enterprise model

Eaglemoss' next concept art bonus model in The Official Starships Collection is the Phase II version of the USS Enterprise, and thanks to a new listing on Eaglemoss' shop, we now have the first images of the model.