Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Four Trek T-shirts available today

ShirtPunch, one of those websites that offers T-shirt designs for twenty-four hours at a time, has four different Star Trek shirts on offer today: Retro designs featuring a Klingon bird of Prey and the USS Enterprise, a Captain Kirk portrait, and a Starfleet delta Argyle pattern. Each design is available in either short or long sleeved T-shirts, or as a hoodie.

Continue after the jump for a closer look at each design. As I write this, there are seven hours or so left to get them if you like any of them.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Original USS Enterprise departs for refit

The original miniature of the USS Enterprise seen in Star Trek: The Original Series has been on display at the Smithsonian National Aire and Space Museum since the 70s, but a few days ago was taken out of it's home in the museum gift shop (where it has resided since 2000). Fear not though, it will be returning, in time for the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek, and fortieth anniversary of the museum, as part of a revamped displayed in the museum's centerpiece Boeing Milestones of Flight Hall.

While waiting for the new display area to be readied, the model will undergo conservation work. The Smithsonian laid out their approach to that in their blog about the move:
The Museum’s general approach emphasizes conservation over preservation and preservation over restoration. Restoration is bringing an object back to its appearance and condition at a determined point in time in the past. With a restoration approach, there is less concern for preserving original materials and more focus on returning to the original specification, often through the addition of non-original materials. Preservation is an overall philosophy that favors keeping original material over creating an ideal physical appearance, while keeping the artifact from deteriorating any more. Conservation follows the preservation philosophy and is minimally invasive, utilizing scientific investigation and techniques to maintain original materials, preserving the object’s physical history of ownership and use.
It will be interesting how much they stick to the conservation over restoration, as previous work by the museum did in fact give the ship quite an overhaul. As you can see in some of the images below, the model currently features rather strong grid-lines that weren't present on it before the last time it had conservation work.

The new look Boeing Milestones of Flight Hall.
When the Enterprise does return, it will sit alongside other historical artefacts depicting the history of flight and space exploration (like an up-scaled version of Admiral Marcus' office), including the Spirit of St. Louis, Bell X-1, and an Apollo Lunar Module. It has yet to be revealed how the Enterprise will be displayed in the new hall - The case it was just moved out of was created for it after X-Rays at the last move revealed the model was being stressed from its previous hanging displays.

Continue after the jump for a look at the Enterprise's history at the museum.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Alien Domain, heading to browsers soon

GameSamba have announced details of their new Star Trek browser game, including the title, Alien Domain. The game will focus on Federation and Klingon exploration of Fluidic Space, the home of Species 8472, and is set for launch later this year. GameSamba gave an overview of the game in their press release:
Set in the mysterious extradimensional realm of Fluidic Space, players will make strategic decisions to maintain control over limited resources, balance defensive spending with research, establish colonies, and prioritize power distribution for optimal efficiency. Players will also have the option to participate in PvP encounters such as one-on-one skirmishes, raids against player-controlled outposts, and large-scale, guild vs. guild Alliance Battles.

Taking place after the most chronologically recent Star Trek canon and featuring a new Star Trek story, players will control a variety of starships and technologies native to their chosen faction. Starships include Constitution-class and Defiant-class starships for the Federation, and D7 Battle Cruisers and Bird-of-Prey for the Klingon Empire. Players will even be able to craft and pilot unprecedented super starships created through emerging technologies. Creating a diverse starship fleet is essential for exploring the deep reaches of Fluidic Space and quelling its threats, as well as for defending against rival colonies and players.
Several in-game screen-shots have been released. Continue after the jump for a look at space and ground based game play:

New look TOS DVDs

If you're tired of all this new-fangled high definition bluray stuff, then CBS should brighten your day, as this month hey are reissuing Star Trek: The Original Series on DVD, in snazzy new packaging. TV Shows on DVD revealed the artwork for all three seasons of the remastered series:

Captain Kirk's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Due out in November from Titan Magazines is their latest extra big annual, the Star Trek Magazine Special 2015. The bummer issue will include lots of interviews, and sport a Sergeant Pepper inspired cover (as posted by Previews):

Things From Another World have posted a blurb, noting some of the features that will be included:
Exploring strange new worlds, new life and new civilizations for more than 50 issues, the official Star Trek magazine is the only place to find the best interviews, original features, and exclusive behind-the-scenes action! In this special edition, we talk to movie actors Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, and Bruce Greenwood, as well as Trek TV legends Gates McFadden, Denise Crosby, and Rene Auberjonois! We go behind-the-scenes of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Into Darkness, dissect what makes Kirk the perfect captain, and discover what happens When Cultures Collide!

New Attack Wing ships on the way in 2015

Wizkids have announced four new waves of model ships coming next year in their Star Trek miniatures game, Attack Wing. Continuing their monthly releases, March next year will see three new ships in wave thirteen, with another three due each month following up until at least June, with wave sixteen the furthest ahead so far solicited. As is typical of the series, the new ships are pulled form across the franchise, including designs that have rarely, and indeed sometimes never, been released as models before.

March's wave thirteen will include the refit Constitution class mirror universe ship ISS Enterprise, the Cardassian Galor class Reklar, and a Gorn ship.

This will be the first retail model of the Gorn design which appeared in the remastered version of Arena. Although the same model has been available already this year in limited quantities as an organised play event prize.

Wave fourteen in April will include the Krenim Temporal Weapon, another mirror universe ship, the NX class ISS Avenger, and the Oberth class USS Pegasus.

This is only the second ever rendition of the Krenim ship, following the recently released Eaglemoss version.
In May wave fifteen includes the USS Prometheus, the Bajoran ship Ratosha, and the Klingon Bird of Prey IKS Ning'tao.

The rare ship of this bunch is the Ratosha, which has been seen as a model just once before, also as a gaming miniature (indeed probably the very same mold) in the Tactics game.
Wave sixteen in June will see the "USS Dauntless", the Ferengi D'Kora class Marauder Kreechta, the Olympic class USS Pasteur.

And again here Eaglemoss have just narrowly beaten Wizkids, in getting the first ever model of the USS Dauntless out already.

That's it for the 2015 releases, but wave seven is just appearing right now. Continue after a jump for a look at the newest ships to join the collection:

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Danilo's ships calendar

A couple of years ago Danilo started publishing Star Trek calendars for the UK market (which has had the unfortunate effect of making the US calendars from Universe Publishing trickier to get hold of on this side of the Atlantic). Danilo's offering has been a bit different every year, but they do have a recurring ships calendar.

How they present that calendar has changed year to year: For the 2013 calendar they used various images of nuTrek ships (a mixture of stills and concept art). In 2014 they gathered an assortment of vary familiar shots from the across the franchise, the regular promo shots of ships we've seen many times before. The 2015 calendar, which has just been released, changes direction once more, and this time it's very familiar. The calendar, now branded Ships of the Line, is an almost exact replica of the 2014 US Ships of the Line calendar, with one less image, as this version doesn't have a centerfold image.

There are a few alterations, while the images are the same, the formatting is different, with the titles placed differently, and in different fonts, and most notably the calendar being presented as a bar across the bottom of the entire page - Which as far as calendar functionality goes might actually be an improvement (personally I see Ships of the Line more like a Trek-art magazine though).

Previously Danilo have offered a second Star Trek calendar option - A TOS calendar for 2013, and Into Darkness for 2014. There are listings for a 2015 TNG calendar from them, although no images have surfaced, and retailer listings seem a bit empty - I have a feeling this might have been cancelled, or at the very least delayed for some reason.

Your Star Trek calendar options needn't be limited though, as there are four other 2015 calendars from US publisher Universe.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Aliens trading card series

The latest range of Star Trek trading cards from Rittenhosue Archives focuses on Aliens. Coming in November, the new series will feature alien characters, exotic and familiar, from across the prime timeline. There will be one hundred basic cards, and a plethora of bonus cards, including:
  • Randomly inserted sketch cards.
  • 60 autographed cards, in 1 in 8 packs.
  • 18 sticker cards, in 1 in 16 packs.
  • Gold versions of the cards, in 1 in 24 packs.
  • 9 "First Appearances" cards, in 1 in 24 packs.
  • 9 "Quotable Klingon" cards, in 1 in 24 packs.
  • 10 alien ships cards, in 1 in 24 packs.
  • 6 alien badge/pin cards, in 1 in 288 packs.
You'll find five cards in each pack, twenty-four packs per box, and twelve boxes in a case. And there are further bonus cards if you're buying by the case:
  • 2 case toppers, either a Borg or Klingon poster design by Juan Ortiz, 1 per case.
  • Hand drawn sketch cards by Warren Martineck Card, as a 6-case incentive.
  • Painted sketch cars by Mick and/or Matt Glebe, as a 9-case incentive.
  • An archive box, with an exclusive "relic" card, as an 18-case incentive.
Regular and case-incentive sketch cards.

The Big Bang Theory goes retro

For last year or so, there has been a growing range of co-branded Star Trek and the The Big Bang Theory merchandise, including clothing, apparel, and toys. The latest entry into this collection comes from Bif Bang Pow, in the form of Mego-style retro action figures of all the main Big Bang Theory characters, in TOS Starfleet uniforms - There have been several other toy versions of the Big Bang guys presented Star Trek style, but this is the first time the female characters have been included.

This new series casts Leonard as Captain Kirk, and Sheldon as Spock (complete with very pointy ears). The science department is filled out by Amy and Bernadette, while operations is manned by Penny, Raj, and Howard. I raise a quizzical Spock-like eyebrow at the ranks here, as all the female characters are at least a rank below the males!

Entertainment Earth have all seven available for pre-order, and anticipate an October release. They are limited to the rather curious figure of six-hundred-and-two of each character. Continue after the jump below to see the full range.

Foul Deeds Will Rise cover

Due out in December is a new TOS movie-era novel from Greg Cox, Foul Deeds Will Rise, which is also a sequel to the episode The Conscience of the King. have now revealed the cover for the book, which was created by Joe Corroney; an artist more often associated with Star Trek comics, having produced covers and interior illustrations for numerous IDW titles.

Here's a reminder of the blurb:
2288. The U.S.S. Enterprise-A is on a vital peacekeeping mission in a remote solar system beyond the boundaries of the Federation, where two warring planets—Pavak and Oyolo—are attempting to end years of bitter conflict. Crucial peace talks are being conducted aboard the Enterprise, even as Starfleet weapons inspectors oversee the disarmament process. Losses and atrocities on both sides have left plenty of hard feelings behind, so Captain James T. Kirk has his work cut out for him, even as he unexpectedly runs into a disturbing figure from his past: Lenore Karidian.

Twenty years ago, the deadly daughter of Kodos the Executioner tried to kill Kirk, but she has since been declared sane and rehabilitated. Kirk wants to give her the benefit of the doubt and a second chance at life, but when a mysterious assassination threatens the already fragile peace process, all clues point toward Lenore—and the future of two worlds hangs in the balance.