Saturday, 23 September 2017

New Discovery artwork, behind the scenes photos, and tie-in fiction details

CBS have released a new press kit for Discovery, which is packed full of new artwork, including several nice ship images. Continue below to check them out, and the other Discovery news of the day:

Review: The Official Starships Collection - USS Titan

Following a demonstration of fan demand championed by this very website, Eaglemoss have recently released their first bonus issue in The Official Starships Collection featuring a ship that originates from the Star Trek novels, the Luna class USS Titan.

If you're not familiar, the Titan was of course named in Nemesis, as the new command of Captain Riker. But we never saw it until Sean Tourangeau won a competition to design the ship at the heart of the then (a decade ago) new Titan book series. The Luna class has since gone on to appear in Star Trek exhibitions, comics, and video games - It is surely the most prominent of non-canon ships, and indeed is at least technically canon!

I've been clamouring for this since the collection began; so it's safe to say my views may be a little biased - But none the less, continue below for a closer look at this much anticipated model, and the accompanying magazine.

The Trek Collective is back in action!

As a certain song goes: "It's been a long time..."

Last year I decided to have a few days break from the Trek-sphere, and with the busy busy life I've been living lately, that accidentally became a whole year!

I've been clamouring to get back in the game ever since, but struggled to get back up to date with all the Trek goings on - Star Trek has also had a rather busy year!

But, now I have, and here I am. Normal service from 8of5 of The Trek Collective resumes today. As ever you did before you'll find here all the latest news on every aspect of Trek, with particular love for all the tie-in fiction, model ships, and other Star Trek things!

It's going to take me a little while to get all my schedule and resource pages back up to date, so please bare with me on those. But regular news posting starts now. I also intend to back fill all the news I miss, as much so I'm back in touch with it all as anything; so look out for all those back-dated posts too!

I switched off all my 8of5 communications channels when I took my break, but I see I've had a LOT of messages of concern and requests for updates. Sorry for leaving you all in limbo, and thank you for caring! I'll try and send replies to all those who contacted me individually in due course, but I am really grateful and moved that so many people cared!

Now, I've got some posts to write!

Hallmark reveals USS Discovery ornament for 2018, and other new decorations

Hallmark's latest PopMinded video has revealed their 2018 Star Trek starship Keepsake ornament, the USS Discovery. The video includes several views of a rendering of the ship; which you can see below, along with other Hallmark Star Trek updates.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Discovery round-up: New photos, poster, clip, pin, and more

Lots of Discovery bits and pieces today, as the series grows ever nearer. Continue below for a new poster, a clip, and a lapel pin. First up though, CBS have released a bunch of new photos, via, giving us new views of now fairly familiar settings:

Discovery joins Star Trek video games

Two Star Trek video games have announced new Discovery content to coincide with the launch of the new series. Timelines has done this in most dramatic style, with a crossover trailer:

The USS Shenzhou will be joining the game in new story content, with other Discovery ships and characters also on the way. The first characters available are Saru and Burnham (image via

Lots of new Discovery behind the scenes videos

CBS have released a gaggle of new videos looking behind the scenes of Discovery, including a focus on the costume design, and the characters of Sarek and Captain Georgiou. Continue below to check them out, and other updates from the series.

First however, here's a very short video confirming the after show show will be airing after the first episodes, and has now being renamed After Trek (rather than the previously announced Talking Trek).

Thursday, 21 September 2017

New Discovery comic details and cover

io9 have posted an interview with Star Trek comics writer Mike Johnson, discussing the forthcoming Discovery comic series, co-written with Kirsten Beyer. They also revealed a sumptuous new cover for an issue in the series, from artist J.K. Woodward:

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Mega Eaglemoss update: Discovery series sign up, Aventine images, and more issues previewed

Loads of Eaglemoss Starships Collection news landed today, including previews of several forthcoming issues. However top billing goes to the launch of the new Discovery series, which will featuring monthly releases of special-sized issues featuring ships from that series only. Starship designed John Eaves posted the first look at the USS Discovery model (UPDATE: And Eaglemoss' Ben Robinson has now released a much higher res version):

Two photos showcase the power of representation in Discovery

Last night the first two Discovery episodes had their premiere at the Arclight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, and many of the Discovery cast and Star Trek alumni were there to watch and celebrate. Two moments really caught my eye though, so I'm going to look just at those.

First up, the great Nichelle Nichols (the original Uhura of course) tweeted a photo of herself with Sonequa Martin-Green (the star of Discovery, Michael Burnham).

I'm in two minds about what this meeting symbolises. Part of me is simply delighted to have these two black women at the heart of Star Trek. But part of me is also saddened that fifty years after Uhura sat on the bridge of the Enterprise it remains remarkable to have a woman of colour be a lead in a major TV series. I'm proud Star Trek is continuing to push for better representation, and can only hope this continues to be normal in future, not the exception.