Friday 10 September 2021

Lower Decks round-up: An Embarrassment of Dooplers previews, and Mugato, Gumato extra content

This week brings us mid-way through Lower Decks season two, with episode five, An Embarrassment of Dooplers, out now. As usual Paramount+ have released some images and video to preview, plus a bunch of extra content reflecting on last week's episode. Continue below for the latest Lower Decks round-up.

Here's the blurb and trailer for An Embarrassment of Dooplers:
Mariner and Boimler try to track down the location of a legendary Starfleet party while the bridge crew deals with an insecure alien diplomat.

As usual there's a selection of preview images too, including this delightful Vanguard-style starbase that has featured in this season's keyart and an earlier trailer.

Much of the rest focus on Boimler and Mariner's adventures this episode:

Looking back to last week's Mugato, Gumato, the Star Trek social media has been having some fun, this time offering us some in-universe adverts for the Diplomath board game, and Mugato Land!

This week's Star Trek Logs entry came from Boimler, mostly reflecting on his encounter with Patingi:

And we have our usual Tendi selfie, this time capturing her triumphal scanning of Doctor T'Ana!

Going behind the scenes, this episode's Easter Eggs video focuses on the martial art anbo-jyutsu:

And we have another comparison video showing how the finished animation compares to animatics:
Paramount+ also released a bunch more episode stills with more spoiler stuff post-release. Including lots of Mugato!

Finally, we have Titmouse Stuff's Shirt Collective T-shirt design for the episode. It's a simple but satisfying one, a huge Mugato head!

Lower Decks can be found on Paramount+(ad) in the US and Latin America, Bell Media services in Canada, and Amazon Prime Video(ad) most of everywhere else in the world. The first season is also available on bluray(ad). For more Lower Decks coverage check back through my Lower Decks tag.

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