Friday 4 June 2021

Latest Star Trek jigsaws and games

Staying at home with nothing to do? Fear not, Star Trek jigsaw puzzles and games await to fill your time! Continue below to check out the latest releases.

You'll have to wait a little while for this first one, which isn't due to arrive until September, but that will give you time to make room for Aquarius' enormous 3000-piece TNG jigsaw puzzle(ad). Featuring the character and ship packed artwork of Dusty Abell, when complete this will be an impressive 32 x 45 inches!

Funnily enough, Dusty Abell's similar TOS art was used for a mere 500-piece jigsaw(ad) from Buffalo Games just last year. This version is 21.25 x15 inches. Though if you would like a bigger version, you might be able to hunt something down, as the same artwork was released as 1000-piece jigsaw(ad) back in 2016 by Falcon de luxe, but only in the UK market.

Buffalo also released this 500-piece TOS puzzle(ad) focused on some of the main characters last year. This uses Joshua Budich's artwork from the 50th anniversary art exhibit.

If jigsaws aren't your thing how about a game of chess? Last year The Noble Collection released a lovely TOS tridimensional chess set(ad), and have released lots of new images and videos since to show it off. Check it out (and see my previous report for even more images):

Finally, back to Aquarius for a game of cards. Their TOS playing card set(ad) from last year features lots of vibrant character photos:

For more Star Trek fun, look back through my board games or jigsaw puzzle tags to check out previous releases.

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