Wednesday 9 December 2020

Eaglemoss' Build the Enterprise-D series launches in 2021

Eaglemoss Hero Collector are launching their Star Trek: The Next Generation - Build the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D part-work collection(ad). Following a trial run of the first few issues last year, the series is due for its proper start in February, with sign-ups starting now.

Over 120 issues (!), the collection will build a 70cm long model of the Enterprise-D, with die cast metal parts, and lighting throughout (including nacelles, impulse engines, deflector, windows, and navigation lights). The model can also saucer separate, with independent power supplies in each part so the lights will still function while separated. Everything comes pre-painted, and either clicks or screws into place. Each issue also comes with a magazine (see below for details of that).

Here's a little video showing the model in action:

And here's a video TrekCore uploaded, showing some of the construction process, including individually attached escape pods!

Here's lots of views of the model:

Eaglemoss have released a low-res preview of the entire first magazine, so we can get a really good feel for what sort of content to expect. That includes detailed construction instructions and multiple behind the scenes articles, in this issue looking at the conceptualisation of the Enterprise-D's exterior, and the bridge, plus a little feature on Andrew Probert (the designer), and a look at an alternate idea for what TNG could have been.

Eaglemoss have also released a spread from another issue looking at making the Enterprise-D filming miniature:

The magazine on it's own looks pretty great to me!

Eaglemoss' bread-and-butter is part-work subscriptions, and a series like this, where you can't exactly skip an issue, is built for that model. Come February there will be a new issue roughly every week (4 per month). In the US it's $12.90 per issue, and in the UK £9.99 (except the first issue which is a cheaper introductory price), so you're looking at a little over $1500, or £1200 for the whole 120 issue run (not including postage!).

Eaglemoss do normally offer issues individually as well, but there are advantages to subscription beyond getting the series regularly, as they throw in some extras. In the UK at least they are also offering a discounted rate for pre-paid subscriptions, with tiered reduced prices if you opt to buy in advance 3, 6, or 12 months worth of issues. There doesn't seem to be a comparable offer for US subscribers. 

Extras offered with the subscription include a binder for the magazines (with additional binders available to buy later after the first freebie), a T-shirt, a screw box (for spare parts), and a display stand. Additionally the UK pre-order subscription offers a mug and a print, and if you go for the 12 month pre-paid option a couple of pins too. The same pins are offered the US subscribers as a bonus if you're one of the first 500 to sign up.

In there US there is also an additional option to sign up to a premium subscription model for an extra dollar, which will give you a illuminated mirrored display base by the end of the series:

Eaglemoss also mention they will be offering "special" issues with extras, which may include "shuttle sets, exclusively commissioned art print, collector items, etc".

If you're interested in building the Enterprise, check out Eaglemoss' US(ad) and UK pages(ad) for further information on how to sign up.


Jeffery Wright said...

The seams look problematic, and the nacelles seem cockeyed… the cowling around the ramscoops also appears to be the wrong angle and the thickness of the secondary hull/pylons looks a bit too thick. Are the windows protruding?

A styrene version would probably make a better, more accurate model and cost far less. And you could probably supply all the pieces in one delivery. Best of luck to them.

Fox said...

Some basic info you probably should have included in the post:

<> Total cost of the Enterprise-D model is approximately $1500 USD.
<> It will take 2.5 years to receive all of the necessary parts.

Both of which make it... much less appealing, to me at least. Even if you have the money for it, who wants to deal with a WIP model this big for three years?

MikeTheSith200 said...

So glad I found your post before I pulled the trigger on this. It does not mention ANYWHERE how many issues it will take to complete the ship. Hard hard hard pass on a 1500$ model. Despite its size and awe

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