Friday 18 December 2020

Discovery round-up: Terra Firma, Part 2 previews, and loads of mirror universe badness in behind the scenes and set photography from part 1

This week brings us part two of the current Discovery mirror universe story Terra Firma, and as ever CBS released an assortment of previews ahead of the episode going live. They've also gone to town with imagery and more looking at last week's part one; the on-set photographer must have been enjoying themselves! Continue below to check out all that golden armoured goodness!

First up, here's the blurb and trailer for this week's new episode (which can also be viewed on if you prefer):

Georgiou uncovers the true depths of the plot against her, leading her to a revelation about how deeply her time on the U.S.S. Discovery truly changed her. 

With the mirror-cat out of the bag, CBS have been generous with their preview images for the new episode this week, with lots of mirror characters highlighted:

As ever, there was also a preview clip from the new episode at the end of last week's episode of The Ready Room. That otherwise featured a group interview with the Discovery bridge crew: Emily Coutts (Detmer), Ronnie Rowe Jr. (Bryce), Oyin Oladejo (Owosekun), Patrick Kwok-Choon (Rhys), and Sara Mitich (Nilsson). There was also the usual reflection featurette on last week's episode, plus another looking at the mirror universe costume design. Also available to view on, YouTube, or Facebook, if you prefer to Instagram below:

CBS have released a generous range of behind the scenes photo's for last week's Part 1 of the story, looking at shooting several different scenes:

They also released a set of images focused on some of the mirror universe character/uniform looks:

Wilson Cruz also shared his own photo of his eye-catching red variant of the uniform:

And Rekha Sharma, who returned as Landry, gave us a video overview of her costume:

Additionally Variety interviewed costume designer Gersha Phillips about the mirror looks, which among other things had an interesting note about how Georgiou's crown was something they wanted to do first time around:
In one sequence we wanted to get this crown headdress. We found a local artist in Toronto and we had to replicate it for her character who is also in the play, so we had to create duplicates.

I had seen this image of a sunray like a headdress that I found online, and that was something I wanted to do. I thought it was going to be made from metal, but the reality was different.

We ended up using plastic and lightweight metal with foil. We added beads to add to the elements. We had tried to do that the year before, we did it in episode nine and completely failed on that. I had this elaborate idea that crashed and burned. But this time around we found this artist who did this great job.

For the play, a smaller scale version was used but it was softer and still stood up to what we needed it to do, but we put it on the headband and it hit the beats. When you looked at it, you knew it was Georgiou.
The article also included some new costume concept art:

Costume concept artist Ciara Brennan also shared this artwork for Burnham's costume earlier in the season:

In another article Variety interviewed David Cronenberg too, about his role as Kovich; revealing the character it set to return both later this season, and into season 4. It's a really interesting interview, seeing Cronenberg's perceptions of the world of Star trek production compared to his won film-making experience; well worth a read!

On a completely different note, motion graphics designer Timothy Peel shared this fascinating look at the design for the new holographic bio-beds:

Getting back to last week's episode, CBS's social media image this week was a quirky one; a discarded flyer for Stamets' production of The Rise of Emperor Georgiou!:

There's also the regular character log entry, this week from a grumpy mirror-Burnham:

And finally, there's the normal assortment of post-release additional images and clips from last week's episode. A bit more than normal in fact, as there are loads for this episode; drinking in all that mirror universe stuff, most especially Georgiou's fabulous look!

There's also a smaller set of images from the icy home of Carl:

And some of Kovich and the gang too:

Alongside with previous seasons, the series can be found on CBS All Access(ad) in the US, and Bell Media services in Canada, and Netflix in almost all of the rest of the world (barring a few countries where Netflix doesn't work). 

To keep track of all the latest Discovery news, have a look back through my Discovery tag, for previews, behind the scenes, tie-in fiction, and other merchandise updates.

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