Thursday 8 October 2020

Lower Decks 1x10: No Small Parts previews, and other updates from the series

This week brings us the final episode of the first season of Lower Decks,  No Small Parts. As ever CBS have released a bunch of preview material for the new episode, and lots of new media around the previous episode too, including an awesome cinema-style poster for that movie-inspired episode. Continue below to check it all out. 

Here's the blurb for this week's episode:

The U.S.S. Cerritos encounters a familiar enemy. Tendi helps a struggling recruit find her footing.

And the trailer (also on if you prefer):

As seen in the trailer, this week an Exocomp joins the crew, who can be see in the first of this week's stills:

Dipping back to last week's Crisis Point, CBS's social media has followed up with an episode move poster for the episode:

The Tendi selfie series has also continued with a moment from the holoadventure:

And there's Mike McMahon's weekly look at easter eggs, reflecting on a couple of the many movie references this time (also on Instagram if you're geolocked out of YouTube):

As ever CBS have released a bunch of images and clips from the episode post-release too:

Finally another week brings another cracking T-shirt design from Titmouse, this time modelled by Commander Ransom. The design is really nice this week, featuring Mariner and her evil alter-ego Vindicta in a shadowy stand-off, that reminds me a bit of The Incredibles, and a bit of an ancient Greek vase!
The year is 2380. Surely by now we're done with such anquated things as "rage issues," right? OK, looks like we might have a few holdouts. Let it out! Talk to someone! Maybe try to focus your fury on a healthy, creave outlet! Does the U.S.S. Cerritos have a luggage room? Nope. So there's no place aboard for your excess anger baggage, Ensign! Airlock it!

Lower Decks is available on CBS All Access(ad) in the USA, and Bell Media channels in Canada. It is still unavailable everywhere else in the world.

To keep track of all the latest Lower Decks news, have a look back through my Lower Decks tag for previews, behind the scenes, tie-in fiction, and other merchandise updates.

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