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IDW's Star Trek comics for December, latest Graphic Novel Collection titles, and more.

IDW and Eaglemoss have announced the latest new Star Trek comic titles, including two new books on the way from IDW in December, and four more issues of the Graphic Novel Collection reprints series. Continue below for all the details of those, and other Star Trek comics news.

December will see the continuation of IDW's TOS maxiseries Year Five, with the start of a new story arc, On the Death of a Friend, in issue 18. This will be written by Jim McCann, with art by Angel Hernandez. Here's the blurb:
The Enterprise receives a distress call from Alpha Centauri and arrives to find a planet in the midst of a deadly global pandemic. But is nature responsible for this new virus, or is there something more sinister at play? The final voyages of the U.S.S. Enterprise continue in this new episode from Eisner-winning writer Jim McCann (Return of the Dapper Men) and superstar artist Angel Hernandez (Star Trek: Picard)!
The regular cover team returns with the usual options of two covers for this series, both featuring Doctor McCoy. There's either the main cover by Stephen Thompson with some cool sciencey visuals, or the rarer retail incentive retro-movie-poster-style piece by J.J. Lendl, with a bit more of a mad scientist look - The latter also features a black cat, surely indicating another appearance in the series from Gary Seven and Isis?

Dipping back a few issues, IDW have now also revealed the pretty brilliant cover for next month's forthcoming Mudd story arc, starting in issue fifteen:

December will also bring the second issue of the new Voyager miniseries, Seven’s Reckoning, written by Dave Baker, with art by Angel Hernandez (busy month for the artist!).
Seven of Nine’s commitment to the Prime Directive will be put to the test as she finds herself being pulled deeper and deeper into an ancient conflict between two classes of the same alien species. As tensions continue to rise, it seems like old grudges may spiral into an all-out rebellion... 
This book will be available in three covers. Either the A cover by Angel Hernandez, a photo B cover, or a retail incentive cover by Jeffery Veregge. The two illustrated covers have so far been previewed. TrekMovie released the A cover to the world, and Veregge has also shared his cover art without titles on Twitter:

Veregge also previously revealed his fantastic issue one cover on Twitter, which again you can see without titles as well on the original tweet.

Other comics releases come via Eaglemoss' Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection, which is getting ever closer to delivering a complete collection of reprints of every Star Trek comic. The Hero Collector blog recently announced four more issues offering a diverse range of content, and some really cool bonus extras. They've not released covers yet, so I've used some of the original issue covers to illustrate. These should all be coming in October.

#133 T'Priell Revealed

This collects issues 11-16 of Marvel's Starfleet Academy series, which includes parts of the Telepathy War crossover otherwise collected in other issues, and the three part story arc from the title, T'Priell Revealed, which focuses on the complicated split Vulcan/Romulan personality of T'Priell. All issues were written by Chris Cooper, with art by John Royle and Tom Wegrzyn, or Chris Renaud and Andy Lanning.

The book also includes a very special extra feature, details of two unpublished comics. As the Hero Collector blog describes:
...this volume also presents two outlines for unpublished Trek comics from writer-artist Kenneth Penders: Star Trek: The Lessons of Life, a Sarek-centric graphic novel Penders had proposed to Marvel and then WildStorm, with actor Mark "Sarek" Lenard as his collaborator, and Star Trek: The Devil Kirk, a one-shot he'd intended to write and illustrate himself. Neither story saw the light of day, but Penders has graciously agreed to let fans read what he and Lenard had in mind.

#134 Return of the Worthy

The title of this book comes from the three issue story arc from DC's second run of TOS comics, set in the movie era. Issues 13-15 were written by Peter David and Bill Mumy, with art by Gordon Purcell and Arne Starr. The book also includes issue 16 of the series, Worldsinger, written by J. Michael Straczynski, with the same art team as previous issues.

The book also includes IDW's Infestation zombie crossover, with the Star Trek element of that set in the Motion Picture era. The book will include the two issue framing story that opens and closes the crossover, which were written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, with art by David Messina. And the two Star Trek issues, which work pretty good as a standalone anyway - Those are from writers Scott and David Tipton, and artists Gary Erskine, Casey Maloney, and Luis Antonio Delgado.

The series does also crossover with several other franchises, but you'll have to look elsewhere if you want to know what happened in the other universes effected by the zombies. This volume will though include the Infestation Sketchbook, with some additional crossover zombie art.

#135 Boukenshin

This reprints Toykopop's only TNG manga book, of the same name, which came after three books of TOS stories. The manga reprints are one of the highlights of this collection, as they are much bigger than the originals! The book includes four stories, from writers David Gerrold, Diane Duane, Christine Boylan, and F.J. DeSanto, with art by E.J. Su, Chrissy Delk, Don Hudson, and Bettina Kurkoski.

Tokyopop did announce an earlier book of TNG manga before Boukenshin was published, that never manifested, and alas we don't get to find out any more about here. But this volume does include details of another unpublished comic:
...this edition features the outline and script to another "lost" Star Trek comic, written by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels. "Cold Vengeance," featuring the Star Trek: Voyager cast, was slated for publication by Marvel Comics in the 1990s, but the final product was never produced. This 22-page comic would have centered around Chakotay, the Maquis, and a long-held grudge, and it was supposed to have been illustrated by Terry Pallot and Al Milgrom. With the kind permission of Mangels and Martin, this never-published gem finally takes its place in Star Trek comics history.

#136 Convergence

This book collects DC TNG annuals 4-6, and TOS annual 6. Those final two TOS and TNG annuals are the crossover story Convergence, featuring the Devidian (from Time's Arrow) and Gary Seven! The crossover was written by Howard Weinstein and Michael Jan Friedman, with art from Ken Save and Sam de la Rosa.

The previous annuals includes are House Divided, featuring the Trill Odan; written by Mike W. Barr, with art by Jim Key, Aaron McClellan, and Bob Smith. And Brother's Keeper, which brings back the Sherlock Holmes holodeck program in a story by Howard Weinstein, with art from Rachel Ketchum, Bob Smith, and Charles Barnett.

And this book includes some bonus content too! Another of the rare Brazilian comics from the Whereas Jornada Nas Estrelas series, which mostly repritned Gold Key comics, but also had a couple of original issues. Issue #5 printed here for the first time ever in English is A Hora Rubra, or The Red Hour, a loose adaptation of the episode The Return of the Archons.

The Graphic Novel Collection is getting ever so close to be able to reprint all the Star Trek comics, but as discussed in my interview with the editor Rich Handley, it needs at least one more extension to finish that task. Judging by these recent announcements it would also help bring us more never before seen Star Trek comics too! - So please do support the line by subscribing to the series, or picking up the odd individual issues of interest.

To keep track of all the latest Star Trek comic releases, hit the comics button on my 2020 schedule page. You can also find reading lists for several Star Trek comic series on my Trek Collective Lists site.

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