Thursday 17 September 2020

FanSets reveal their Lower Decks crew, and other new pins

Star Trek collectable pin makers FanSets have revealed the first of their Lower Decks pins, with no less than the entire main cast getting a simultaneous release! Continue below to check them out, and for updates on other new and forthcoming pins.

For Lower Decks FanSets have released all the main characters - The four ensigns Mariner, Boimler, Tendi and Rutherford, and the senior officers Freeman, Ransom, T'Ana, and Shaxs - available individually, or as a set.

Unlike the majority of FanSets character releases, these have not been rendered in FanSets' signature style, but instead retain the original look from the animated series. Which makes me kind of want them to now go back and redo all the other characters from the other series in the Lower Decks style!

FanSets have already announced they have plans for several other Lower Decks pins, including a MicroFleet pin featuring the USS Cerritos, and recently confirmed on Twitter, a pin based on Badgey.

Meanwhile the MicroCrew series, in the normal FanSets style has continued with the latest Picard character, Soji, debuting this week. UPDATE: And Number One from Discovery/SNW too:

UPDATE: Also new today from Picard is this very unique pin, featuring La Sirena nose art!

What was also expected this week, but alas delayed due to quality control, was their latest insignia badge, the All Good Things... style alternate future Starfleet emblem. Also on the way is Discovery Section 31 insignia, expected in October, and later the Lower Decks delta, Disco-Enterprise delta, and Discovery season 3 badge too! UPDATE: And a La Sirena badge is also planned, as revealed by tweet.

On top of that they've also announced plans to release all future insignia badges in both pin or magnetic backs, so you can wear them in whichever ways suits you best. And they're going to re-release existing insignias with magnetic backs too, so look out for the Picard delta in November or December, the Discovery badge in January, and the Voyager one at some point too.

That's all from FanSets, but there's one other new pin in the wild thanks to Hero Within, who released this satirical twist on a battered redshirt, suggesting the entire year of 2020 is a victim of the redshirt curse. A sentiment well liked it seems, as they've already sold out!

For a look back at previous FanSets releases, check my FanSets tag.

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