Tuesday 2 April 2019

New images of Hallmark's 2019 Keepsakes

Hallmark have released lots of new images of their Keepsakes range for this year, including of course a gaggle of Star Trek designs. Continue below to check them out:

This years ship is the refit USS Enterprise, chosen to reflect the 40th anniversary of The Motion Picture. The battery operated model has light features, which you can see in action in a video on Hallmark's website (as is the case with each of the items mentioned below):

The Hallmark line-up occasionally includes a prop inspired design, and this year is an I-cant-believe-they-didn't-do-it-before inspired choice of a tribble! The furry baulbal is also battery powered; when you give it a squeeze it will vibrate and coo!

There isn't an individual figurine in this years range, but the small scene series continues, with the first Discovery characters featured in the series. The Saru and Michael Burnham ornament recreates the moment from Choose Your Pain where Burnham gifts Saru late-Captain Georgiou's telescope. It features button-activated dialogue clips from the episode.

In addition to the usual hanging decorations, Hallmark have also made another of their larger table-top decorations this year, a TOS transporter chamber, with light and sound effects too.

Here they all are in their natural Christmasy habitats:

For a look back at previous Hallmark Star Trek Keepsakes, see my Trek Collective List.

In other news from Hallmark, Vina (as an Orion) has become the latest character to join their cute itty bittys range of cuddly toys. She's an online exclusive, and splendidly green:

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