Sunday 3 March 2019

Gorn mask and other new Star Trek costumes and props

I've got a round up of the latest Star Trek costume, props, and apparel today. Continue below for everything from faithful reproductions to some more esoteric takes on Trek.

First up, Trick or Treat Studios have revealed their latest Star Trek mask, a Gorn! Sculpted by special effects makeup artist Chris Gallaher, it is described as a "perfect replica of the mask worn by the Gorn in the original Star Trek episode Arena". This is expected to arrive in August/September (but available to preorder now), and joins a range that so far includes Balok, Spock, and Kirk.

The Star Trek Shop has been very on the ball getting new merchandise out as things appear in this season. As soon as the new Command Training Program Disco T-shirts appeared on screen they were ready to order too! And to fully enroll in the program you can also get a CTP cap and mug as well!

They've been similarly enthusiastic about Section 31, with all sorts of branded apparel perfect for any discreet intelligence officer... T-shirts, a hoodie, a cap, and of course a mug!

However nothing shows the Star Trek Shop's dedication quite so much as the fact they have produced both a T-shirt and hoodie for students of Musk Junior High, Tilly and May's old school so briefly mentioned!

Also providing in-universe styled casual attire are EMP, who have released a hoodie version of the Discovery uniform.

If you're looking for more screen-accurate pieces then QMx won't disappoint. They recently announced a new wave of releases to their long running series of insignia badges, and with those going to wider retail further images have now been released giving us some new looks. The Discovery Enterprise insignia is available for command, science, operations, and medical personnel, and in a new twist on the format these badges are a two pack featuring both a full sized replica (with magnetic back), and smaller pin version.

And also available are Discovery mirror universe insignia, in command, science, and operations variants.

Finally for today, Diamond Select Toy's promised reissue of the TOS tricorder seems to be in the wild. Here's a picture of the new look packaging, via eBay:

The Official Star Trek Shop

Entertainment Earth

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