Wednesday 9 January 2019

Star Trek Catan returns

Great news Star Trek board game fans, the English language edition of Star Trek Catan is getting a very welcome re-release! The Trekified version of the classic board game was first released in 2012, but in recent years has gone out of print and thus the secondary market for it has gone a bit wild!

Now Asmodee, the new owners of the Catan brand, are re-issuing it, due out in just a few days time, with updated box-art no less - The Enterprise now zooms towards us rather than the previous side-view of it's visit to a colony, and the side of the box has been tweaked to fit in with the latest Star Trek product branding.

Inside the game appears to be unaltered from the previous release, which uses planets instead of land-types, starships instead of roads, and starbases in place of settlements; all inspired by the TOS movie era.

Star Trek Catan was first released in German, and that edition of the game is, like the English-language edition released shortly after, a little inflated in price these days; French and Italian editions are less scarce it appears.

There is also an expansion, Federation Space, released in 2013, which is still widely available, allowing a much larger board to be played with lots more planets.


Ishmael said...

Maybe this means there's hope for the long-awaited six-player expansion...?

Unknown said...

The Dutch version of the game is as common as dirt though. You can buy it for 20 bucks at any discount store. I bought a couple and even made a 6 player edition.

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