Wednesday 29 November 2017

Boldy Go: IDIC part 2 preview

It's a double Star Trek comic week from IDW. As well as the first Discovery comic, we also have issue fourteen of the Kelvin timeline comic Boldly Go, which is also part two of the ginormous multiple alternate reality six-part event, I.D.I.C.. This issue brings back the gender-swapped reality we've seen previously in the Star Trek ongoing series, plus the humanised Spock/Klingon Kirk from the previous issue, a robotic crew, tigers, and more!

IDW are also having fun switching up the artists with each issue of this series, so this time art comes from Megan Levens (who previously illustrated issues seven and eight in the series). The book is written, as ever, by Mike Johnson.

The book is available in four different covers, with the A cover by Tony Shasteen focusing on the female-led crew of the gender-swapped reality. Piotr Kowalski provides the B cover (coloured by Jason Lewis), which depicts our familiar crew, awash with the glow of, I presume, the convergence of realities. There are two retail incentive covers, one is a battered McCoy still from Star Trek Beyond, and the other is the second in a series from Yoshi Yoshitani. You can see all the cover, and a five-page preview, below:

You can continue reading this story by picking up a copy at your local comic book shop, or from online retailers like these: Amazon, Things From Another WorldForbidden Planet, iTunes.

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