Friday 6 October 2017

New Eaglemoss starship models on display at New York Comic Con

Eaglemoss currently has lots of stuff on display at the New York Comic Con, including lots of starships from Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection and new spin-off Discovery collection. Continue below for a look at several new models on display, including Discovery's USS Shenzhou and USS Discovery, and the latest in the XL size series, and shuttles.

First up, our first look at the painted USS Shenzhou (not final mind you - I hope that deflector gets it's distinctive purple glow), the first ships in the Discovery series, due early next year (mages via

The second issue in this series will be the USS Discovery (John Eaves posted these photos):

Also on display are the first five ships in the XL series, including our first look at the impressive new USS Voyager model (images via and ToyArk):

Nestled among those big ships are the shuttles of the forthcoming shuttle set 3, which includes a delightful work bee with interior, travel pod, type 11 shuttlecraft, and the Argo (images again from

Eaglemoss also had large displays of other ships from the series on display, including the recently released bonus issues USS Titan and USS Aventine (via ToyArk):

Finally, dipping out of the Star Trek universe for a moment, also on display for the first time, the first ships from Eaglemoss' new Battlestar Galactica series, some rather big (not yet painted) fighter models (via ToyArk again):

You can see many more photos of all the above models in the noted galleries at and ToyArk.

For a listing of all the ships in the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page for the main series, and list for the Discovery series.

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Unknown said...

These are beautiful but I do worry about the quality differences between the prototype stuff they do and the production runs.
I hope they prove me wrong as I really love these designs.

Fox said...

Yeah, Jumbo Voyager looks nice, but too pricey for me. I'm still holding out hope for a Diamond Select Voyager--which would be much bigger, more detailed, more durable, and cheaper. :D

The Shenzhou looks pretty nice. It actually gives me a kind of Mass Effect vibe. Not sure I really like the name/registry on the sides, though....

Cube said...

Cool that just need to make them in the same size as the rest of the collection.

LG said...

I'm really pumped to see they're moving forward with the BSG collection, too. Ever since I first heard they were going to do it, I've been sitting on pins and needles.

Jim said...

I'd love to buy the Discovery. A deal breaker on so many of these is that the blasted windows do not align with the indents.

Unknown said...

Voyager looks a bit plastic, no light aztecking to give him a bit of scale. And i'm not sure, but bussard collectors seem painted red, no clear red plastic, for the price...could be a bit pity

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