Thursday 10 August 2017

McFarlane Toys reveal first Discovery toy plans, and TOS and TNG too!

McFarlane Toys had their own panel at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention, and have now posted their presentation on their blog too, revealing lots of new details about their forthcoming Star Trek toy ranges.

First up, lets get excited for the first Discovery toys! Joining their line of seven inch action figures in later 2018, will be Michael Burnham, and T'Kuvma.

Also expected later in 2018 is the Discovery phaser:

Before that, we've got two classic characters on the way, and we get a closer look at those figures, due out next spring. The seven inch Kirk will come with both a phaser rifle and pistol, and a communicator too.

Captain Picard meanwhile is also armed with a phaser (pistol only), but also comes with his Ressikan flute!

Finally, they also announced a larger, ten inch, Kirk figure, due later in 2018. This version will come in his green wrap-style uniform, and come buried in tribbles!

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