Tuesday 25 July 2017

QMx reveal loads of new action figures and props at San Diego Comic Con

At the past weekend's San Diego Comic Con QMx revealed lots of new Star Trek goodies, including many new characters in their 1:6 scale action figure range, a variety of new props. Continue below to check them out:

Stealing the show was the Wrath of Khan Khan figure, with an impressively detailed costume scarily life-life sculpting. As images here, via ToyArk and Qmx show:

Khan was on display alongside Wrath of Khan Admiral Kirk and Captain Spock figures, now looking much more finished than the prototypes we've previously seen. ToyArk and Toy News International got these shots of them:

Dipping back in time to the TOS TV era, there's another Khan coming! TrekMovie got this dramatic shot of the Space Seed version:

Several other TOS figures were on display, but nothing we've not seen before. TrekMovie also snapped the whole display:

Meanwhile there were new figures in the TNG offer, with out first looks at La Forge, and Riker, all with typically brilliant sculpts and costuming. ToyArk got great shots of them all:

And TrekMovie got a shot of the whole TNG display, including the previously seen Data and Worf, and already released Picard:

It wasn't all figures, also new is a Star Trek Beyond phaser (with a wider emitter than the previous Kelvin timeline designs). Shot by ToyArk and Awesome Toy Blog:

Even newer, of course QMx are adding Discovery badges to their long running insignia badge range. TrekMovie report these will be available at two sizes; the full size replicas, and a smaller pin version. Images from TrekCore and TrekMovie:

Last, and definitely least! Here's a strange new mirror universe tribble, with teeth!

You can see many more images of all of the above via the excellent coverage from ToyArk, ToyArk(2)Awesome Toy BlogToy News InternationalTrekMovie.

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