Sunday 16 July 2017

2017 Star Trek Hallmark Keepsake images

This year's Hallmark Keepsakes range how now launched, and includes two Star Trek pieces. Continue below to check out the latest images of both.

First up, we have the much loved USS Franklin, which in this incarnation has lights on both the nacelles and the bridge window.

There's only one other release this year, a mini diorama of Captain Picard in his chair, and Data (standing in a position I think would be impossible if the rest of the bridge was there!). This one has sound features (which can also be sampled on the Hallmark website).

There is also a Star Trek convention exclusive this year, a battle damaged version of the USS Enterprise-C (originally release as-new in 2015). Here's a new image of that too:

For a look back at all the previous Star Trek Hallmark Keepsakes, see my Trek Collective list.

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