Saturday 22 October 2016

Latest Star Trek coins and stamps from the Perth Mint and Australia Post

The Perth Mint have been busy designing coins to celebrate Star Trek's 50th anniversary this year, with some create designs and packaging, and tie-ins to releases from Australia Post. Continue below to check out all the latest Star Trek coins:

The most recently minted join pulls together the entire TOS main cast on a colour printed two ounce silver coin. As ever with Star Trek coins from Perth Mint, this is technically legal tender in Tuvala, however the metals used are rather more valuable than the face value of two dollars! Being from Tuvala, the other side of the coin features the bust of Queen Elizabeth II. This is released in an edition of five-thousand.

This coin has a wonderful novelty in it's packaging, which places the coin within a light-up ring in a TOS era communicator!

UPDATE: Perth Mint have now released a video demonstrating the fun packaging for this release:

Another creative release came last month, in the form of a Starfleet delta shaped coin, based on the 50th anniversary logo. This is also a one ounce silver coin, and again five-thousand have been minted. The face value is one dollar for this coin, with the usual round design shrunk down to fit within the delta shape on the Queen's head side.

Amazingly this is the second delta-shaped coin this year! The Royal Canadian Mint have just released a gold one, as part of their own large Star Trek coin range.

The Perth Mint edition comes in snazzy acrylic display.

Back in July they released a two coin set (each coin again one ounce of silver). One coin featured Kirk and Spock amidst a busy background of planets and ships, while the other focused on the USS Enterprise, both with colour printing.

The coins are offered together in the transporter chamber style packaging Perth Mint have used for previous Star Trek coin releases, with just one-and-half-thousand of this set produced.

Alternatively, a further five-thousand of the Kirk and Spock coin are available individually. These come in a smaller light-up case, also used on previous releases.

If you prefer the Enterprise design, then it too is available individually, since August, albeit without the colour print element. Perth Mint are offering it variously as a one ounce gold coin (and edition of just four hundred), one ounce silver coin (six-thousand of these have been made), or a chunky five ounce silver coin (just eight-hundred minted).

An additional five-hundred silver coins have also been released by the Merrick Mint, with a distinctive black ruthenium coating (a rare form of platinum), with highlights in gold.

Back in May Perth Mint also released a prop replica, a strip of Ferengi Gold Pressed Latinum. The reproduction is indeed plated in gold, but within you will find one ounce of silver rather than latinum. This is another edition of five-thousand.

Also released in May were two coin and stamp sets. Accompanying newly released first day covers for Star Trek stamps from the Australia Post, are new editions of the previously released Spock and USS Enterprise coins. When first released these were struck in silver, but for the stamp and coin sets they have been made from aluminium bronze instead, giving them a different colour, and a rather more accessible price point! The Spock set is an edition of seven-thousands, while the Enterprise set is seven-and-a-half-thousand.

Of course the stamps are also available separately. Australia post have released a booklet containing twenty-five stamps, split into two panels of character designs, and one sheet featuring the USS Enterprise. Like previous Australian Star Trek stamp releases, these are actually stamp-tabs, with the Star Trek design on a separate but connected section of the print not functional as a postage stamp without the adjoining stamp.

If you're interested in Star Trek stamps and coins, you can find lists of previous Perth Mint coins, and all Star Trek postage stamps, on Trek Collective Lists.

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