Friday 21 October 2016

Bridge Crew cover and release date

Ubisoft have announced Bridge Crew, the virtual reality video game, is having it's release date pushed back, and will now launch in March next year, rather than this autumn. They posted a short update on their blog, indicating the delay is to allow more time to develop the game:
In order to deliver the best game experience possible at launch, we have decided to push the release of Star Trek: Bridge Crew to March 14, 2017. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is designed exclusively for VR and we want to offer a compelling and engaging experience. Command of the USS Aegis is right around the corner!
Meanwhile the cover has been released:

Ubisoft have also released a couple of extra videos explaining aspects of the game, based around interviews with the Star Trek actors they recruited to help announce the game:

Bridge Crew will feature a new Kelvin timeline starship, the USS Aegis, and will be available for PlayStation VROculus Rift and HTC Vive. You can see a trailer for the game in my previous article from its initial announcement.

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